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Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring

Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring is a beautiful collection of natural flooring options, available in a variety of traditional hardwood surfaces. These high quality, stylish wood finishes are produced by Kährs of Sweden, the world's longest-running manufacturer of wood floors, in a multi-layer system that the company patented more than 75 years ago.

This form of construction is considerably more stable than a solid wood floor, being formed in three layers with the grain of each layer running crosswise over its neighbour, and thus allowing for less movement, gapping or warping of the timber. Wood is a beautiful and luxurious surface, but since it is a natural, fibrous material, its composition is subject to fluctuation when there are changes in the ambient temperature and humidity.

The multi-layered construction of Kährs Engineered Wood Flooring reduces the possibility of such fluctuation and makes the floor more stable and thus more durable. The three-layer system is also designed to be more eco-friendly than a solid hardwood floor, because the more expensive and slow-growing hardwoods are used only for the upper surface, with the core layers constructed from faster-growing and less expensive wood species such as pine. This construction technique also makes use of the entire log in the production process, thus reducing unnecessary waste.

Kährs have a worldwide reputation for environmentally friendly products. In 1984 they introduced the world's first water-based lacquer system, and in 1997 were awarded the first international standard certification for environmental management. The lacquers and stains used on all Kährs Engineered Wood Flooring products are eco-friendly and solvent-free, as well as being easy to clean and maintain without using any strong chemicals.

In 1984, Kährs also became the world's first flooring manufacturer to employ a completely solvent-free production process, and in 2000 the company introduced their first patented Woodloc® installation system. The Woodloc® mechanical joint makes it possible to lay an engineered hardwood floor without the use of glue, making installation quicker and easier than traditional methods. The flooring can be used immediately after installation and removed just as easily. It is also resistant to warping and gapping, and the new Woodloc® 5S system introduced in 2010 has an additional locking tongue for increased stability.

Kährs of Sweden have been producing patented parquet technology since 1941, and have created a variety of flooring options for every situation. Whether it's for the home or the workplace, there are many different product options available in this collection, with a variety of layer thicknesses and different surface characteristics to choose from.

Wood can enhance any space with its natural beauty and versatility, adding style and warmth to any environment. A hardwood floor surface will enhance any traditional interior décor, but it can also add character to even the most minimalistic of designs. At Luxury Flooring and Furnishings we offer a selection of Kährs Engineered Wood Flooring in Lacquered, Oiled, Brushed, Hand Scraped, Distressed or High Gloss finishes, in a range of hardwoods including Oak, Walnut, Beech, Maple, Ash, Cherry and Jarrah.

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