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Kahrs Originals Capital Collection Naturals Engineered Wood Flooring

Kährs Original Capital Collection is a luxurious, exclusive range, characterised by long, 1-strip oak flooring, a 15mm three layer pine/spruce lamella core, and Woodloc® 5S joints for easy installation either by yourself or a professional. This range comes in three colours, with each available in both a lacquer or matt lacquer finish, giving a total of six looks to choose from in this range.

Made from only the finest oak, which adds to the exclusivity of this collection, the cities that have inspired these floorings are three of Europe’s crowning gems: Dublin, with its historic pubs and literary traditions; Berlin, for its spirit of creativity and rebellion; and Paris, known for romance, great food and beautiful art.

The Dublin Oak is a natural, neutral coloured finish that would work well in a variety of rooms in the home. Small wooden knots give it a sense of cosy character, without being too distracting from the rest of the design. The Berlin Oak is a slightly darker finish, with natural wood characteristics enhanced by brushing and micro bevelling, while the Paris Oak is a light stained colour, giving the impression of grand rooms in art-filled gallery spaces.

The common denominator across the range is luxury. Kährs are proud of the work that’s gone into this collection, and we think you will be too.

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