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Kahrs Originals European Naturals Engineered Wood Flooring

Kährs Original European Naturals is a collection of eight original flooring options which reflect the multi-faceted nature of Europe, with its liveliness and its diversity of cultures. The collection features a range of different continental oaks, together with a unique, creamy mountain maple from the Alps.

In accordance with its diversity, there are a number of size and finish options to choose from, including 2266 x 187mm, 2420 x 187mm or 2423 x 200mm, some available in satin or matt finishes, and in 1-strip or 3-strip construction. This means that the boards are made from one natural plank (1-strip) or from a piece made up of three conjoined narrower planks (3-strip).

Each board is 15mm thick, with a 3.5mm surface layer, constructed using the Kährs unique three-layer technique; this ensures maximum stability and durability of the floor.

Kährs Original European Natural Collection employs the patented Woodloc® 5S installation system, a mechanical joint with an additional locking tongue. The system makes it possible to install an engineered hardwood floor quickly and easily without using glue.

The wide range of options in this collection will enhance a variety of design schemes, imparting a lively continental flavour and real, durable beauty to any environment.

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