55.2m² - Kaindl 8mm Oak Farco Elegance Laminate Flooring - K4362 RF (23 packs)

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Room Suitability

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Lounge
  • Dining
  • Bedroom
Product Code KA1068
Rating AC4
Thickness 8mm
Length 1383mm
Width 193mm
Pack Size 2.4m2
Finish Textured
Shade Oak
Edge Detail Bevelled Edge
Plank Style 3IN1 Plank
Underfloor Heating Suitable
Guarantee 30 Years

55.2m² - Kaindl 8mm Oak Farco Elegance Laminate Flooring - K4362 RF (23 packs)

Our KA1068 laminate flooring is 8mm thick, 1383mm long and 193mm wide. It has bevelled edges for a more authentic look that adds depth to a room, and is suitable with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees celcius.

Unlike real wood, laminate does not warp and shrink under conditions of heat, moisture or humidity, so even though real wood is not used, don’t be fooled into thinking you are getting an inferior alternative. Laminate can in fact be used in bathrooms provided water is cleaned up relatively quickly and bath mats are used, thanks to its water resistance. Like many laminates, this product is also scratch resistant and has anti-static properties. It is also easy to clean, which reduces the presence of allergens in your home and eliminates the need for chemical-based cleaning products so your family can be better protected.

This floor uses a 3in1 plank style, with the photographic layer depicting differences in the widths within each plank. The planks are the same size in reality so you need not worry about installation, but the 3 depicted within each plank differ for a random and authentic look. They also differ in shade, but not so much that the floor looks too mismatched - they are all relatively dark to keep a warm and elegant look. This random thrown together style is reminiscent of a reclaimed wood look, adding to authenticity - it is almost impossible to tell the difference between his laminate and the real thing! To add to this, the planks are rustic and textured. Again these add to authenticity, with random knots, grain and cracks, and the ability to feel these underfoot. However, with laminate, you will find cleaning and maintenance to be much easier than with real wood, in addition to the aforementioned benefits too. Overall, this product allows you to achieve the look of wood without worrying about cost. In fact, our Kaindl products have a 30 year guarantee, meaning you are getting excellent value for money and don’t have to worry about buying new flooring for a very long time!

The reason for the longevity of this floor is the AC4 rating, meaning it can withstand heavy traffic, despite its 8mm thickness. This is not one of the thinnest options, but not the thickest either. However, due to its AC4 rating and 30 year guarantee, the thickness concerns price rather than quality. You are saving money compared to thicker laminate floors, and you will feel any underlay you use much more too, so the flooring will feel more cushioned and comfortable underfoot.

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If you’re looking to install laminate flooring by hand, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Click Fitting System

All our laminate flooring comes with an integrated click fitting system. Each board is designed to fit together seamlessly and securely, removing the need for additional adhesives and materials. The boards lock into place quickly and efficiently, helping your renovation go smoothly.


Laminate flooring does not need to be fixed to a subfloor. Instead, the boards can be floated by fitting them together with the click installation system. Underlay is recommended to encourage comfort, stability, and insulation. Simple!

For an in-depth look at fitting laminate flooring, check out our dedicated installation guide. We’ve curated the best tips and tricks, helping your renovation go smoothly.