Laminate Flooring Plank Effect Advice

The construction of your laminate floor boards and the size and arrangement of the planks will alter the appearance of your room significantly. We sell single plank boards or boards made up of multiple smaller strips of wood, read about their differences here.

Single Plank- Most of our laminate flooring is made in the form of single or one strip planks, this means that each floor board is manufactured to look like a single plank of wood. This effect of laminate flooring will look the most natural of our laminate options and definitely works better in larger rooms than its multi-strip alternative.

Multi Strip- Our laminate is also available in multi strip planks in a range of different numbers of strips. Multi strip boards look like many individual smaller strips of wood on one flooring board. We think these boards work best in smaller rooms to give the illusion of more space.

Stone/Tile- We know that another advantage of laminate flooring is that it is also available in square or rectangular shapes to resemble tiles, with the look of ceramic or stone. This is a fantastic idea for your room if you are after a tiled effect but do not want the coldness of the real thing; they are also much easier to fit and maintain!