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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made to be visually similar to its real wood or stone counterpart. However, laminate floors - instead of real wood or stone - consist of several different layers of various materials.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate has a backing, core, image layer and wear layer. The bottom layer - the backing - is designed to protect the core from moisture penetration. This is because although the core is made up of a sturdy fibreboard or resin, it is permeable. This however does not make it unsuitable in wet rooms, as the layers surrounding it are not permeable. On top of the core is the image layer, displaying a high quality and realistic image of wood or stone, and the wear layer. This top layer adds extra protection to the layers underneath and prevents the floor becoming scratched, dented, or worn down over time.

Why choose laminate?

There are plenty of benefits that make choosing a laminate floor easy. It’s a very popular choice thanks to its easy installation, low maintenance and smaller price tag compared to real wood. Unlike a solid or engineered option, laminate is water resistant, which makes it ideal for any room in your property, including bathrooms, provided moisture is cleaned up quickly and planks are tightly laid to avoid water seeping to the core layer. Where natural materials would expand and contract, laminate floors also do not change in response to temperatures. This means they are also safe to lay in utility rooms and conservatories that experience fluctuations in temperatures throughout the year. They are also safe for use with underfloor heating for the same reason, so would be a great addition to a modern property looking to achieve the wood look but can’t use the real thing. Another great advantage is that it is very hard wearing so is perfect for rooms that experience heavy footfall.

How to install laminate

Laminate uses the quick and easy 'click' installation method. The click system means the planks simply fit together like a jigsaw without the need for any adhesive or additional joining methods. We would always recommend putting down an underlay to protect the floor underneath before installing your boards on top.


If you’re not sure about laminate, then LVT (luxury vinyl tile) floors are your next best alternative. These floors are great for bathrooms or utility rooms since they are made from plastic and do not have a permeable core, saving you the worry of any moisture damage. LVT is easier to install but is often a little more expensive and may need replacing sooner, so it is important to consider your options.

We offer the cheapest prices across our huge range of wood and stone effect laminate flooring, and we guarantee not to be beaten on price. Find each of the brands we stock here to improve any living room, kitchen or bedroom:

- Nest Laminate Flooring - Balterio Laminate Flooring - Egger Laminate Flooring - Kaindl Laminate Flooring - Kronotex Laminate Flooring - Lifestyle Laminate Flooring - Meister Laminate Flooring - Parador Laminate Flooring - Quickstep Laminate Flooring - Villeroy and Boch Laminate Flooring -

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