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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Egger Laminate Flooring

Egger laminate flooring is incredibly easy to care for. Each product is built with a resilient, abrasion-resistant surface, and “Swell Barrier Plus” coreboard made with natural wood fibres. This also makes Egger laminate flooring easy to clean and maintain, resistant to UV radiation, and incredibly durable – so if you have a young family, or pets, who like nothing more than bounding into the house with all the energy of a small army, your floor will be able to take it. The bottom layer of the laminate acts as a balancer, to ensure an even surface.

Egger laminate flooring is a stylish, durable and high quality flooring option that adds a touch of European style to any home. Made from sustainably sourced wood and coming in a range of styles and thicknesses, Egger do more than justify their status as a leading brand.

This laminate flooring is a designer product, and so has style and attractiveness built into its ethos. Its Vintage ranges show off broader grains of wood, with historical wear and tear, while something cleaner, like the Authentic or New Natural style, gives a more neutral tone.

The Materials finish opens out your options even further, with convincing renderings of concrete, slate and bronze all available to you.

One thing that sets Egger laminate flooring apart is its aqua+ technology, which makes it highly resistant to any water impact, and as a result, suitable for new applications. In fact, aqua+ laminate flooring is up to five times more water resistant than most standard laminate flooring. This also means it can be treated with a steam cleaner, and can be used to floor your kitchen or bathroom.

Egger laminate flooring comes in a range of installation options, including patented uni-fit technology, which slots together without the need for adhesive, is quick, and can be easily removed. Certain ranges are fitted with patented “JUST-clic!” technology, an angle-angle system rather than an angle-fold-down system. While this is the slower option, with the flooring having to be installed row by row, rather than several rows at a time, it is equally as durable, still very easy, and more cost effective.

Wood for all Egger products is sustainably sourced, and comes with an ecological seal of approval, so if you’re concerned about the environment, there’s nothing to worry about when choosing Egger.

All Egger laminate flooring is European made, in factories in Brilon and Wismar. Every product comes with a Made In Germany certification, guaranteeing high quality, sustainability, and certified production processes. A 25 year guarantee is applied to all ranges of Egger laminate flooring.

However, Egger is not originally a German brand! Founded in 1961 by Fritz Egger in the South Tyrol region of Austria, in the shadow of the Alps, the brand now has additional outposts in the UK, Russia, France, and Romania, making it truly European. Browse the range of Egger laminate flooring options available to you, and start thinking about the new look you’re going to give your home.

Get all the best Egger ranges below:

- Egger 8mm Aqua Plus - Egger Classic 7mm - Egger Classic 8mm - Egger Classic 10mm - Egger Classic 12mm - Egger Kingsize 8mm - Egger Kingsize 8mm Aqua Plus - Egger Large 8mm -
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