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Egger Kingsize 8mm Laminate Flooring

This range differs from the standard Aqua Plus range as it includes only parquet floors. You can find herringbone and other parquet patterns on this flooring, adding something unique to your home. All the planks are 1291mm x 327mm, making them much wider than most laminates available.

Egger's Aqua Plus ranges are the some of the most moisture resistant laminate floors available - in fact, they are said to be 5 times more water resistant. They are specially treated to be used in bathrooms, but with this in mind it is still important to lay the floor tightly and quickly wipe up water so no long term damage is conceded. They are also easy to clean and cheaper than tile alternatives, and allow you to create the wood look in your bathroom or any other room where spillages occur. Their water resistance also makes them ideal for homes with messy children or pets.

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5 Item(s)
Egger Kingsize 8mm Dark Ripon Oak Laminate Flooring - EPL013
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Egger Kingsize 8mm White Clifton Oak Laminate Flooring - EPL057
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