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Kaindl Laminate Flooring

Kaindl laminate flooring is a classic, authentic, fuss-free flooring collection which comes in two main options: Classic Touch and Natural Touch, meaning you won’t get overwhelmed by excessive choice and pages of samples to wade through. All have a guarantee of 30 years to ensure high quality throughout the years.

This is a flooring choice that will guarantee you peace of mind and a stylish home. Coming in a range of finishes, thicknesses and widths, Kaindl have over a century’s experience to draw on for their products, so you can be sure you’re buying into a quality brand.

Kaindl Natural Touch flooring is almost indistinguishable from genuine wooden flooring, with in-built synchronisation technology, which works to match the surface structure with the flooring’s décor image – be that end grain, fishbone, 3-in-1, 1-strip, or endless. With Natural Touch, Kaindl became the first manufacturer to get synchronous decors on both sides of a melamine faced board.

For an alternative, Classic Touch offers authentic and noticeable surface structures that match whichever wooden surface you’ve chosen to emulate, drawing out the individual qualities and characters of the woods. The advantage to this is in its versatility and style, transforming your home into anything from a country style retreat to a New York loft.

Classic Touch isn’t available in the fishbone or 3-in-1 décor, but does come in 3-strip, 2-strip and 1-strip, as well as end-grain and endless. Both flooring options can be purchased in wide, premium, standard, and long plank styles, so no matter the size of your room, Kaindl laminate flooring is a viable option for you.

The 3-in-1 flooring is one of Kaindl’s major innovations. Launched in 2015, it combines three different widths in one plank format, each in different colour combinations. The end result is a flooring that remains durable, while giving a finish that is unmatched by other brands. If you’re looking for something slightly different, then the 3-in-1 option is worth investigating.

Kaindl laminate flooring beautifully articulates a variety of wood textures across its range of products, including Oak, Walnut, Hickory and Acacia. The walnut textures give a real element of luxury, thanks to their elegant finish, while something like hickory, with its vertical, dappled grain, is a slightly more distinctive choice. Sometimes though, classic is best. Kaindl’s oak finishes come in a variety of colours and grains, and work to lift any room or hallway.

While now being a market leader in flooring, Kaindl actually began as a sawmill way back in 1897, although it was quick to be regarded as one of Europe’s finest wood production plants. It wasn’t until later in the century, in 1962, that Kaindl began producing chipboard, and twenty years later, in 1982, they began to produce laminates continuously.

However, Kaindl almost didn’t make it this far. A huge fire in 1989 severely damaged its production works in Salzburg, Austria. Thankfully, just like the flooring it produces, Kaindl is a strong, durable brand, and was able to recover from this setback and re-establish itself as an innovative and market-leading company.

All Kaindl ranges available are listed below:

- Kaindl 8mm Classic Touch - Kaindl 8mm Creative Glossy - Kaindl 8mm Natural Touch Fishbone -Kaindl One 8mm Natural Touch - Kaindl 12mm 4V Natural Touch -
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