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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Kronotex Superior Laminate Flooring

Since their conception in 1993, Kronotex have been gaining respect from industry professionals and customers alike, becoming a leading European brand of laminate flooring. Utilising eco-friendly production methods, Kronotex are pioneering the way for positive, green change, remaining free from pesticides, chlororganic compounds, and toxic heavy metals. Alongside environmentally respectful credentials, each plank boasts innovative surface structures that approximate wood and stone in photorealistic detail, and unparalleled wear resistance. This unique blend of characteristics makes for an exciting flooring solution that offers imaginative design and functionality to match.

The Benefits

Kronotex Superior laminate flooring is built to meet all aspects of modern life. Each plank is composed of natural wood and paper, impregnated with a melanin resin for heightened dimensional stability. Alongside its striking appearance, the surface of Kronotex boards are low maintenance, scratch proof, and resistant to flames, abrasion, and stains. The Superior collection is also highly resilient to moisture, making for a pet friendly solution that’s perfect for any room within your home. Additionally, installation is made quick and easy by Kronotex’s intuitive fitting system, and each board is compatible with underfloor heating.

The Choice

We pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled choice when it comes to purchasing your flooring. That’s why our collection of Kronotex Superior laminate flooring has been expertly tailored to suit a wide variety of interior needs. Each wood effect plank imitates the natural intricacies of real hardwood with precise accuracy, giving your home a warm and welcoming feel without fail.

Alongside an array of plank effects, we offer a bespoke choice of styles, shades, and dimensions, giving you unrivalled opportunity to get the perfect flooring for you. Don’t hesitate to order one of our unlimited free samples today, and see why everyone is so excited about our products!

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