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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Lifestyle Laminate Flooring

Lifestyle laminate flooring is easy to lay, with click-together technology which also makes it even easier to remove, should you want to take the flooring with you in a house move, or just change your style. The other advantage is that it can fit on any pre-existing flooring, so long as it’s smooth and flat, though a professional flooring expert is recommended to ensure you don’t run into any mishaps yourself!

Lifestyle knows how to make a house a home. Each flooring option produced by Lifestyle is tailored to match your unique outlook, and as such comes with properties that make it fit in any home – whether you’re a couple getting on the property ladder, or a family looking for a flooring option suitable for children.

Easy maintenance is also something that Lifestyle laminate flooring is well known for. Regular mopping, wiping and vacuuming will keep stains and dust in check, and touch-up kits are available for any small nicks or cosmetic damage. If the worst happens and your flooring becomes damaged beyond repair, then this is where the click-together technology becomes even more advantageous – simply remove the errant plank, and replace it with a brand new one. Easy!

Lifestyle laminate flooring comes in a range of colours and shades, from neutral whites and beiges, to classic greys, and cherry red effects that really pop. With one of the widest ranges of oak finishes on the market, Lifestyle laminate flooring offers many alternatives to some other brands. The brushed oak finishes match a funky, open grain with a variety of colours, while the hall oak finishes give an altogether more neutral option, with less detailing and tight knots on the wood.

The limited plank options you get with Lifestyle laminate flooring mean that your flooring will always have a very even, symmetrical, and crisp finish, helping it fit into any room of the house.

One of the biggest pros of the Lifestyle brand is its versatility when it comes to price points. Lifestyle know that every household deserves a high quality, beautiful flooring option, to give that cosy, comfortable feel. The laminate flooring options on the lower end of the price range, between £10-£15 per square metre, more than satisfy this requirement, while the higher end ranges – still reasonable at just over £20 per square metre – add that touch of luxury. The Belgravia range, for example, have a very natural varnished finish that catches light beautifully, and would look perfect in a hallway, lounge, or master bedroom.

As a brand, Lifestyle defines contemporary. They are fully plugged in to the world of interior design, and their range of flooring options showcases that. Eschewing more traditional, classic finishes, Lifestyle laminate flooring is made for homes in the 21st century that still want to have a natural wood-effect finish. The durability of Lifestyle makes it suitable for commercial premises, but as the name suggests, it’s designed with homes in mind. Browse the options available; Lifestyle laminate flooring could be the perfect fit for yours.

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