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Nest Laminate Flooring

Nest laminate flooring is built with a patented Uniclic system, making it easy to install without the need for glue or adhesive. It can be laid on top of any flat, smooth surface – though not carpet – and if you’re feeling incredibly DIY, you can even have a go yourself! Although we do recommend getting a professional in.

Nest laminate flooring is for the adventurers, the travellers, the dreamers, and it's our own laminate flooring option. We’ve examined everything currently on the market to come up with a range of flooring options that are durable, beautiful, and very high quality, inspired by some of the world’s most exciting, vibrant, cosmopolitan cities.

Nest laminate flooring is based around a high quality fibreboard core, backed with a stabilising layer and topped with a photographic layer and a transparent hard surface. Many of our flooring options also come with accessories to ensure the flooring has a quality, professional finish.

This durable flooring is also designed to be high quality, while also being incredibly good value. The 7mm range are some of the cheapest laminate flooring options on the market, but still retain a beautiful finish, with the beveled edges adding depth and definition to the floor, and the AC3 rating making it suitable for home use, or even in some commercial premises.

The thicker flooring options – 10 and 12mm – are still incredibly good value, coming in at less than £14.99 per square metre. If you are looking to floor a commercial premises, or are expecting a lot of visitors – maybe you’re turning your home into a B&B or Guesthouse – then we’d recommend something of this thickness. All these ranges come with a 30 year guarantee, and can be laid on top of underfloor heating.

All our ranges of Nest laminate flooring are named after some of our favourite cities. With this, we’ve tried to distil what makes these cities so memorable, and imbue any home with this spirit of adventure. Our Calgary Oak calls to mind Canadian log-cabins and long winters spent in front of roaring fires. Our Vienna style is pure European aristocracy – think history, think heritage, think grandeur. Our American inspired designs – Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi – can add a sense of Americana to any home: front porches, hot summers, chirping crickets and cold, iced drinks to slake your thirst.

Despite the geographical distances between our ranges, what they all have in common is high quality and brilliant design. Our team have worked tirelessly to create natural finishes and textures, to give that real wood effect.

We understand that seeing laminate flooring at such a low price point may cause you to stop and think, but we’re confident of the quality of these products, and are genuinely excited to be able to offer them at these prices. We’re so sure of them, that we’re offering free samples on all Nest laminate flooring – you can try it for yourself and see how it fits!

Different thicknesses can be found in the ranges below:

- Nest 7mm - Nest 8mm - Nest 10mm - Nest 12mm - Nest 14mm - Nest High Gloss -

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