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Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step are a Belgian company who are widely known as one of the world’s biggest flooring brands and leading floor designers. They specialise in laminate, wood and LVT, all made in Belgium and the Czech Republic, then exported worldwide. Despite their varied product offering, they are most synonymous with their best selling product - laminate. Their flooring is perfect for homeowners looking to add new flooring to their home without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Quick-Step Flooring?

Quick-Step is arguably one of the most hardwearing and durable laminate brands currently available. This is because the photographic image layer on each board is protected with a melamine resin layer to add strength, and reduce the risk of scuffs and scratches. A water-resistant overlay is also used to add the finishing touch, so cleaning up those odd spills is noticeably easier. Investing in a Quick-Step floor opens up your design possibilities too; their wide range of realistic-looking products makes getting a genuine wood look easy. This is especially helpful if you’re redecorating on a budget. Practically, floors from Quick-Step are suitable for use with underfloor heating - a key fixture in modern homes. Natural and real wood floors can’t handle the fluctuations in temperature as a laminate floor can, giving these floors a distinct advantage. They also contain a patented and unique joining method to make installation much quicker, easier and more fun.

How Is Quick-Step Installed?

Quick-Step floors first hit headlines thanks to their patented “Uniclic” joining system. This allows planks to simply click together to form a floating floor, combining elements of both the “click” and “tongue and groove” systems on other floors, but providing more stability and greater ease. There is also a reduced chance of dirt falling between cracks in the floor, and reduce the chance of planks becoming damaged when installing. Uniclic floors don’t need to be glued or nailed down, so you will also save money on accessories you might need with other floors.

Quick-Step Alternatives

The Nest range is your next best alternative to Quick-Step floors. These laminate floors also use a quick and easy installation system, and match Quick-Step in their realistic pricing to give you affordable quality. Quick-Step floors are ideal for modern and contemporary properties, offering sleek and sophisticated designs. On the other hand, the Nest range has a far bigger range of rustic and tile effect products, so are recommended to the adventurous homeowner who can’t find what they need here.

The Quickstep laminate flooring ranges we currently stock can be found below:

- Quickstep Classic Hydro - - Quickstep Eligna Hydro - Quickstep Eligna Wide - Quickstep Elite - Quickstep Exquisa - Quickstep Impressive - Quickstep Impressive Ultra - Quickstep Largo - Quickstep Majestic - Quickstep Perspective 4 - Quickstep Perspective Wide 4v -

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