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Quickstep Perspective Wide 4v Laminate Flooring

Quickstep Perspective Wide 4V laminate flooring is designed and manufactured by the worlds leading laminate flooring company, Quickstep. Quickstep are renowned for offering the best quality at affordable prices. Each Quickstep Perspective Wide 4V plank is elegantly finished and textured offering each plank more character and natural beauty. This range also comes with a 4V micro bevel running along each side.

This range has a total thickness of 9.5mm with a total width of 137.6mm and each plank has fixed lengths of 1376mm.

Quickstep laminate flooring is also renowned as one of the easiest laminate flooring products to install, this is because of there simple uniclic system which clicks together much easier than many other laminate flooring products.

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