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Black Laminate Flooring

Black laminate floors look stunning, bringing a sophisticated and luxurious look to any room. A black floor is often thought of as a colour that will darken a room, making it feel cold and uninviting. However, this isn't the case, as black floors can actually be used to create the reverse.

Often considered to be a difficult colour to work with, black laminate floor can actually be incorporated in to any room successfully and look beautiful doing so. When paired with white or lighter coloured walls, a black laminate floor can help to create an amazing sense of dimension to a room by creating the illusion of more space. Similarly, because of its fairly neutral colour, black can be paired with any colour for a gorgeous aesthetic and style in your property. From being paired with a simple white to bolder colours such as oranges, greens, blues and other statement colours, black laminate floors are incredibly adaptable and complimentary which allows you to get truly creative.

As with any darker coloured floor, maintenance is noticeably easier. Everyday wear and tear including stains and scratches are less likely to be visible, maintaining that new floor look for years to come. As well as this a common misconception is that black will immediately darken a room, however as previously mentioned, when used with bright lights and plenty of natural light, black floors can help to create a strong visual environment that will capture the attention of any visitors.

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8 Item(s)
Egger Kingsize 8mm Aqua Plus Dark Santino Stone Laminate Flooring - EPL127
From £18.70m²
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Nest 12mm Milan Oak 4V Groove Laminate Flooring
From £14.74m²
Customer Reviews (2)
Nest 12mm Black Mountain Oak Textured 4V Laminate Flooring
From £19.54m²
Customer Reviews (4)
Sensa Natural Prestige 10mm Vancouver Laminate Flooring - 26389
From £20.24m²
Customer Reviews (0)
Sensa Solido Elite 8mm Phoenix Laminate Flooring - 28439
From £9.24m²
Customer Reviews (0)
Sensa Authentic Expression 8mm Faro Laminate Flooring - 26394
From £15.24m²
Customer Reviews (1)
Quickstep Signature Painted Oak Black Laminate Flooring - SIG4755
From £27.24m²
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