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Brown Laminate Flooring

A traditional choice, a brown laminate floor looks classic and timeless when installed in any property. Brown laminates come in many different colours, ranging from a lighter or paler shade to a more rich and toned species. This gives you plenty of choice to create an unlimited amount of looks all of which look beautiful.

Brown laminate floors look incredible, offering a diverse array of looks dependent on what you're looking for. A lighter brown can create a rustic and natural environment that is warm and contemporary. Alternatively, a darker brown floor can help to create a dramatic and cosier space. Dark brown floors are often advised to be avoided in smaller rooms as it can darken and create the illusion of even less space. Competitively, a dark brown floor in a large room can look beautiful, especially when paired with a paler colour on the walls and can help to create great amounts of character and dimension.

A lighter brown floor would require less long term maintenance as scratches are less visible, so would be a fantastic choice if you own pets. A dark brown floor could show scratches easier as it could reveal a slightly different tone underneath the wear layer. However a darker brown is less likely to show visible stains and is incredibly in fashion at the moment, taking the interior design world by storm. Each have their benefits, but all shades of brown laminate look gorgeous when installed.

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