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Whitewashed Laminate Flooring

Whitewashed floors are incredibly popular thanks to their beautiful look providing a rustic and earthy look. A whitewashed laminate is a great way of building that sought after rustic look that is increasingly popular and trending in the interior design world.

A whitewash laminate can help to freshen up a room and build a natural aesthetic and works well when paired with blues in particular for a nautical theme. However, whitewash laminate floors look incredible in any room and can be incorporated with nearly any theme or style that you are trying to achieve. Because of its lighter shade, a whitewash laminate can bring in copious amounts of light and atmosphere to a room, so would be perfect in smaller rooms that need that added bit of character and warmth.

Whitewash floors are achieved by the product receiving a sanding before a paint and water solution is applied to the wood. This is then wiped off, going with the grain, before fully drying so the wood absorbs only what it needs of the solution. The end result is a pale to white colour of wood that looks stunning.

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