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Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Kitchens are often better suited to laminate flooring than wood alternatives as spillages can be harder to deal with due to the natural ridges and grooves in wood. In addition, these natural materials cannot handle splashes and spillages very well, and larger spillages such as from kettles may cause real wood to warp and shrink. Laminate however allows you to retain the wood effect in your kitchen without this risk. The realistic photographic wear layer is water resistant, meaning as long as spillages are cleaned up quickly and not allowed to seep between cracks between planks, laminate is ideal for creating the look you want in your home. If the flooring is fit well, tightly and with adhesive, the chances of water seeping between planks to damage the plywood below is very low risk, and we recommend it in any kitchen. Order free samples from the selection below to see how a country or rustic kitchen look can be easily achieved for a fraction of the price of real wood!

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