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Matt Laminate Flooring

Matt laminate floors can add a serious sense of modernity to your property. The matt finish can help to create that rustic and natural look that is increasingly popular and on trend. It doesn't just look stunning, matt finished floors also offer more traction underfoot, making them a great choice if you plan to install a new floor in a high traffic area or if you have children and or pets.

If you're looking for a floor that offers a more natural look, then a matt finished product is perfect for you. A matt finished laminate floor also tends to show scratches and general scuffs as it doesn't have a shiny finish. Following this, a matt floor won't reflect any light as it doesn't have any kind of gloss finish, this however is very beneficial if you're looking for a floor that won't be the centre of attention and will therefore allow you to work with other pieces of furniture or feature pieces of your home to be the main focal point of a room.

A matt finished laminate floor is also noticeably easier to maintain. Unlike a gloss floor that you would likely have to clean more often to retain its shine finish, a matt floor doesn't require as consistent upkeep. This is especially ideal if you have children ad or pets as previously mentioned.

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