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Stone / Tile Laminate Flooring

Stone and tile laminate flooring allows you the opportunity to incorporate the great look of a stone or tile in your home but with added benefit of having a floor that is warmer underfoot, as well as saving you some money from your wallet.

The look of a stone or tiled floor can add a strong sense of style and luxury to your home. However, both stone and tiled floors require a lot of maintenance and can often help to make a room feel colder, especially underfoot. This is why a stone or tile laminate is the perfect solution if you're worried about these elements. By choosing a stone or tile laminate you can get both the incredible look paired with an amazing functionality. The protective wear layer of a laminate protects the floor from scratches and stains, something that is very common, especially in kitchens. Additionally, laminate floors are water resistant, making cleaning said spills considerably easier. Laminate floors are also noticeably easier to install when compared to other floors as laminates use the click system. This means if you've got your heart set on a stone or tile floor, you can take on a laminate at part of a DIY project.

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