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Walnut Laminate Flooring

A walnut floor looks incredible, it's rich colour offers a timeless and classic look that can instantly transform any room. Not only is it recognised as a luxurious material, walnut laminate flooring is also well known for its durability and longevity, meaning you can rest easy knowing your incredible floor will stand the test of time.

If you're looking for a floor that will leave a lasting impression while also upholding many practical benefits, then walnut laminate is perfect for you. Walnut proves its versatility as it is available in many different shades, making it easy to incorporate in to any room. The protective wear layer of a laminate makes it water resistant, perfect for using in kitchens or hallways that experience a heavy foot fall and inevitably the occasional spill or stain. A laminate floor is also softer underfoot, making it a more comfortable material choice if you're hoping to get the incredible walnut look while still keeping a warmer floor. To increase the warmth of your walnut laminate you can also install underfloor heating, as all laminate floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Another added benefit of using a walnut laminate as opposed to real wood is that the installation time and process is much quicker and easier. Laminate floors use a click installation technique, meaning that any DIY lover could easily install a walnut laminate themselves.

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8 Item(s)
Quickstep Eligna Hydro Oiled Walnut Laminate Flooring - EL1043
From £19.19m²
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Balterio Stretto Black Walnut Laminate Flooring
From £19.00m²
Customer Reviews (2)
Egger 8mm Aqua Plus Dark Langley Walnut Laminate Flooring - EPL067
From £16.19m²
Customer Reviews (1)
deep walnut
From £16.39m²
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Parador Classic 1050 Walnut Textured Laminate Flooring - 1555283
From £16.74m²
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Parador Trendtime 1 Walnut Wood Texture 4v Laminate Flooring - 1473907
From £19.74m²
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