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9mm & 9.5mm Laminate Flooring

9mm & 9.5mm laminate is extremely popular, as it suits medium footfall, so allows those with lighter footfall to play it safe and get more longevity, and also puts clumsy homeowners at peace of mind. This is because thicker laminate can better handle falling objects, leaving less dints than thinner alternatives.

9.5mm differs from 9mm or 10mm products mostly in design, as some manufacturers prefer to differentiate themselves, or simply add slightly more durability to 9mm alternatives.

There are a large range of 9mm & 9.5mm products in terms of shade, pattern and texture, due to the popularity of the thickness. This means we have something for everyone, so if you have medium footfall in your home, you are guaranteed to find your perfect laminate here.

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8 Item(s)