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Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Meister Laminate Flooring

Meister offer a number of luxury laminate products and we stock a whole host of products from each of the Melango, Micala, Talamo, and Classic ranges. These are available in a variety of finishes, shades and wood types, all sophisticated and stylish enough for any home.

Meister are known for their innovation and high quality products. This means by having their flooring in your home, you know you are getting a durable and professional looking floor. They sell a wide range of varied designs, of all finishes, wood types and shades, so there is something for everyone too!

Like all laminate flooring, Meister is easy to clean, has high quality print that is indistinguishable from real wood and is functionally superior to real wood in many ways. For example, it will not warp or shrink in changes to humidity, and there are no gaps between the planks, so less to worry about for messy households. in addition, the grain and knots are specially created rather than grown naturally, so a more desirable look can be achieved.

See the links below for an easier view of each range:

- Meister LD75 - Meister LB85 - Meister LD95 - Meister LS300 Talamo - Meister LD300 25 Melango - Meister Nadura -
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