88.92m² - Nest 7mm Annecy Oak Laminate Flooring (36 packs)

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Room Suitability

  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Dining
  • Bedroom
Product Code NEST672
Rating Class 31
Thickness 7mm
Length 1285mm
Width 192mm
Pack Size 2.47m2
Finish Textured
Shade Brown
Edge Detail Square Edge
Plank Style Single Strip
Underfloor Heating Yes
Guarantee 15 Years

88.92m² - Nest 7mm Annecy Oak Laminate Flooring (36 packs)

The Nest 7mm Annecy Oak Laminate Flooring collection is 7mm thick, with each plank measuring 1285mm long and 192mm wide.

This range features a charming rustic oak effect which is combined with a textured floor finish which brings a warm and homely feeling to any space, acting as a fantastic building block to bring your dream interior design to life. The benefits of this combination mean that you get the distinctive charm and character of oak wood flooring, without the additional expense of its hardwood alternative. In addition, this collection features square edge detailing. This means that each plank is cut straight ensuring that the planks fit together tightly delivering a smooth clean-cut floor finish.

This flooring has been placed in Class 31 as graded by European standards. This indicates that this flooring would be suitable for both home use as well as light commercial areas.

This means that our Annecy Oak Laminate Flooring can be a prominent design feature in a wide range of environments, from your living room all the way to a hairdressers or small shop.

Laminate flooring is constructed using a 4-layer structure. This begins with a bottom stabilising layer which is followed by a durable high-density layer (which holds the click-lock installation system). Above this you will find the photographic wood print layer home to the detailed wood design with a hard-wearing transparent layer completing the floor.

If you’re looking to install laminate flooring by hand, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Click Fitting System

All our laminate flooring comes with an integrated click fitting system. Each board is designed to fit together seamlessly and securely, removing the need for additional adhesives and materials. The boards lock into place quickly and efficiently, helping your renovation go smoothly.


Laminate flooring does not need to be fixed to a subfloor. Instead, the boards can be floated by fitting them together with the click installation system. Underlay is recommended to encourage comfort, stability, and insulation. Simple!

For an in-depth look at fitting laminate flooring, check out our dedicated installation guide. We’ve curated the best tips and tricks, helping your renovation go smoothly.