It’s no secret that we love wood flooring. As our speciality, we can safely say it’s a great option for your home and will create a whole new bespoke look to your space. It’s easy to see why wood flooring is so popular with home owners at the moment when you see the effects it can have on a room. So, let’s dive into its wonders...


You can’t deny that wood flooring is a classic and stunning choice. It is mostly chosen to create a luxurious and affluent appearance, we can guarantee that your guests will be very impressed by your beautiful new floors! With all the flashy technology of the modern age, many of us lust after something from a bygone era – wood is a traditional choice and has been used on floors for hundreds of years. It’s so desirable that materials such as laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tiles replicate its gorgeous authentic surface.

Plenty of Option

Elgin Rural Oak 190 x 20/6mm Unfinished

Following on from the discussion of wood flooring’s pleasing appearance, you’re certainly not restricted to one look either. Wood flooring comes in so many different types of wood, finishes, grades and colours that you can create the exact look you want! You’ll first need to choose between engineered and solid, both of which come with their own benefits. If you’re a fan of a rustic interior, then a wood with lots of natural imperfections in a distressed or hand scraped finish would suit perfectly. However, if you prefer something a little more clean-cut then oak with minimal knots would work perfectly with a contemporary style interior.


Wood flooring isn’t one of those materials that’s going to create an awkward and tasteless statement. It goes with any style interior and not restricted to one use. For example, if you choose to lay wood flooring in the spare room then it’ll work well with whatever you decide to use the room for in 10 years’ time - for example an office. Once more, you will struggle to find any furniture and furnishings that’ll clash with wood flooring – it really is very easy going!


Wood flooring is without a doubt one of the most durable and hard-wearing choices for flooring available to buy. Wood flooring generally lasts decades if cared for properly, you almost certainly won’t need to replace it in your life time. It will cope with heavy foot traffic without showing wear, making it very popular with busy family households and in hallways where there’s lots of foot-fall.

Easy Maintenance

Whereas carpets provide a haven for dust mites which can trigger allergies, wood flooring doesn’t harbour any extra dirt or debris. You’re not restricted to vacuuming either, wood flooring only needs a sweep and a mop to keep it looking hygienic. Be careful with vacuum attachment and chemicals you use for mopping however, be sure to read the care package before you buy your flooring. Wood flooring is also resistant to scratches, stains and water - however be aware of these as they can cause damage.

Sanded Down and Refinished

Chamonix Mocha Oak 90 x 750 x 15/4mm

Although wood flooring is incredibly durable, damage can occur. Luckily, there’s a way to eradicate this with wood. You can sand it down and refinish it a number of times, depending on the thickness and wear layer to remove any scratches or stains. This should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years though, so you can only imagine how long these fantastic floors can last!

Value for Money

Although wood flooring does have a higher price tag to start with than other alternatives, its life time durability often ends up paying for itself as it won’t need to be replaced often. Additionally, it will increase the selling value of your home as it is very popular with prospective buyers!

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The images feature our: Elgin Rural Oak (EO4018) and Chamonix Mocha Oak (CHW210).