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A Decade Review on Flooring

A Decade Review on Flooring

As flooring specialists, we appreciate and admire the huge variety of flooring available to our customers. Like many commodities, whether clothes, cars or jewellery, flooring too goes in and out of style, although perhaps not as quickly! Now that 2020 is here and the decade of the 2010’s is behind us, we’re taking a look back on the last ten years and review the flooring trends which shaped it.

Environmentally Friendly

With the constant threat of global warming, many of us are watching our carbon footprint - and that reflects in the choice’s customers are making when it comes to flooring. Natural flooring such as: bamboo, cork and stone have popped up more and more in this decade, with real wood still retaining its popularity as well.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Forget the stereotype of vinyl being cheap, ugly and tasteless – it has been revolutionised to produce stunning Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Coming in very convincing representations of wood, stone and concrete, LVT is perfect if you’ve fallen for the look of natural products but need something at a cheaper price and easier maintenance. Not only does it look so similar to natural products, but is also incredibly durable and water, scratch and stain proof. Why wouldn’t you?

Hardwood Floors

Not only has hardwood flooring stood the test of time, but it’s also stood the test of changing fashions! It’s easy to see why wood flooring never goes out of fashion and why its popularity has increased further in the last decade. Versatile, affluent and hard-wearing, it is always a fantastic addition to your home and will certainly add to its selling value. We are confident that no matter how much interior trends will change, wood floors will remain as stylish as ever.

Grey FlooringBibury Cape Cod Distressed Oak 190 x 15/4mm

Many of us associate grey with being tired, dull and lifeless…well forget everything you might have once thought of grey. Its popularity has soared this decade – especially popular with modern interior lovers, it presents us with a stunning clean-cut and sophisticated appearance. However, if you’re a fan of a more rustic or traditional décor, then grey flooring also accommodates this. Coming in real wood, laminate, vinyl and stone, you can satisfy all your flooring desires! Grey presents us with arguably the most versatile colour for flooring, suiting virtually all furnishings and complementing most colour schemes.


With the hustle and bustle of modern life, some of us find we lust after something from a bygone era. We are always striving for more luxury in our lives, which is why herringbone is perfect if you’re looking at flooring. Although typically associated with a traditional interior, its popularity has increased over the last few years to make it a very popular modern style. It gives your room added character with the stunning plank arrangement, as well as being as smooth or as rustic as you like.

Have Your Say

What flooring have you installed in your home in the last ten years? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The image features our: Bibury Cape Cod Distressed Oak (NYC11).

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