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The Flooring World Part IV: Parador Laminate Flooring

The Flooring World Part IV: Parador Laminate Flooring

Welcome to the third instalment of this series dedicated to famous flooring brands. This week we talk about Parador laminate flooring. Parador was  founded in 1977 in Germany, with the first laminate designs available from 1995. Since then the designs have evolved and Parador has upgraded its game and as result you find a choice of more than 2000 products. It’s no secret that the Parador brand values independent ideas, and they’ve won many awards for their intriguing and innovative designs. They’re particularly renowned for their laminate flooring ranges, and received an award in the ‘Best Laminate’ category at the Flooring Industry Awards for two consecutive years in 2006 and 2007. They have also been acknowledged by many international organisations.

Parador effortlessly combines beauty with performance, so no matter what floor you choose from Parador you will always have the best result. We previously mentioned the wide range of floors Parador offers here we talk about the most popular options. 

Parador Basic 200

This range consists of a variation of different wood flooring species such as oak or acacia, while also coming in different styles and shades. Parador Basic 200 is quite popular due to being extremely easy to install as it simply clicks together, there no need of professional fitters to fit the floor.

Parador Basic 400

Similar to the previous range, Parador Basic 400 also offers different kind of species, styles and shades. It also very easy to install. However while Parador Basic 200 has a thickness of 7mm, this rage has a thickness of 8mm. This range is elegantly textured and finished making it extremely easy to maintain whilst offering great warmth and character to any room. Parador Basic 600 also offers similar features.

Parador Classic 1050

Parador Classic 1050 laminate flooring range consists of a variation of different wood flooring species, which come in many different styles and shades which are available in both 2v or 4v bevels. This range has a total thickness of 8mm which is 194mm wide with a length of 1285mm. 

Parador Eco Balance

This range brings ecology and style in perfect harmony, while keeping in mind the  sustainability of the environment. Like in the case of the other ranges it is designed to be easily installed. This range has the plus of offering you a more ecological floor to give you peace of mind, especially if you environmentally conscious.

Parador Trendtime

This range offers many contemporary designs, with unusual graphic motifs. All of these in many different plank formats, textures and patterns as well as wood species.  Parador Trendtime many subcategories another proof of how many options parador offers.

Overall, Parador has something for everyone and is perfect if you love the wood looks but without the price tag. We have many of their products here at Luxury Flooring, so feel free to browse them all here, in our website today!

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