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Amtico vs Karndean: Which is Best For You

Amtico vs Karndean: Which is Best For You

Amtico vs Karndean: Which is Best For You




Luxury vinyl tiles are fast becoming a favourite choice of flooring.

In both residential and commercial settings alike, LVT promises unprecedented functionality, and a bespoke appearance to match. With low maintenance, easy installation, and cheap prices on offer, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

But there’s a lot of competition out there…

Leading LVT brands have been working tirelessly in recent years to deliver better solutions than their opponents. Consequently, it’s hard to know which brand is right for you.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’re putting two of our favourite brands to the test, helping you get the best choice.

Amtico vs Karndean.

Both manufacturers are pioneers in their field, delivering unrivalled vinyl flooring and exceptional customer services.

Let’s take a closer look…



The first thing you’re going to consider when buying new vinyl flooring is the price.

Whether you’re working on a tight budget, or just looking the get the best value for money, the price of your LVT is going to play a definitive role in your decision making.

Karndean offer the cheapest luxury vinyl tiles of the two, with a starting price of £19.39m2. However, this is only marginally cheaper than Amtico’s budget selection at £24.24m2.

Both offer exceptional value for money, exhibiting almost identical specifications.

At the other end of the spectrum, the results are the same. Karndean’s most expensive range is still cheaper than Amtico’s. whilst you’re likely to get some additional features with Amtico’s £54.24 tiles, Karndean is a clear winner when it comes to cutting back the costs.

Luckily, our stock is the cheapest in the UK, so you’re guaranteed to get a great price no matter what you choose!



Eco-responsibility is at the heart of all modern LVT operations. With growing concerns surrounding the production of plastics, it’s important for leading LVT brands to take extra care, and look to reduce environmental impact.

Although Polyvinyl Chloride (the primary material in vinyl flooring) has gotten a lot of bad press over the years, it must be understood that not all PVC is built equally. This is most evident when comparing Amtico and Karndean tiles.

Amtico are winning the race in environmentally friendly flooring solutions. Their LVT collections have been certified for low chemical emissions, and are completely phthalate free.

Additionally, Amtico have been awarded a number of certificates for eco-responsibility, granting them further credibility. Alongside an A+ indoor air quality rating, each product is also BREEAM/BRE certified, and boasts a wide range of other environmental achievements.

Karndean have also been awarded certification in regards to the environment. Their entire range of vinyl flooring qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points, and has been certified by SGS.

Unlike Amtico, however, Karndean tiles use more plasticizers during construction. This can measure up to 11.43% in each tile, increasing the amount of volatile organic compounds that are emitted.

Don’t worry, Karndean are still committed to ecological improvement. Both Amtico and Karndean work closely with government and industry regulations, reducing waste, chemicals, and carbon footprint.



Durability is a hard category to measure

Naturally, the durability of a product varies from range to range, so make sure to check exactly what your home needs.

Both companies are close contenders in regards to wear resistance. Amtico’s Quantum Guard is one of the highest rated urethane coatings on the market, whilst Karndean’s K Guard + brings commercial level durability to the domestic setting.

Although, it’s close, Karndean wins the battle. K Guard + has been awarded the highest wear rating possible, demonstrating impeccable abrasion resistance.

On the other hand, Amtico have more to offer in terms of impact resilience. With wear layers ranging for o.3mm to 1mm in depth, you’re sure to receive versatility like no other. The 1mm wear layer towers above Karndean’s maximum of 0.7mm, making it perfect for the heaviest of residential footfall.



This one’s easy!

Both Amtico and Karndean offer excellent installation options. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a home improvements amateur, fitting is guaranteed to feel effortless.

Both companies’ luxury vinyl tiles can be installed with loose lay and click methods. This reduces labour, materials, and hassle, helping your renovation go as smoothly as possible.




Luxury vinyl tiles truly shine when it comes to practicality. Whether installed in bathrooms, conservatories, or above underfloor heating, you’re guaranteed a long lifespan, and unfaltering performance.

Amtico and Karndean LVT is no exception, proving 100% waterproof, and stable in heat and direct sunlight. Both are also easy to maintain, requiring only minimal cleaning and upkeep.

Alongside low maintenance, Amtico boasts high slip resistance with an average rating of R12. This is equally matched by Karndean’s 40+ score on the pendulum wet test.

Additionally, both offer heat and sound insulation. However, Amtico takes the lead with a 20dB acoustic rating. This ensures low noise pollution, and undisturbed comfort.



To conclude, both Amtico and Karndean have a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for great value and durability, or eco-friendly practicality, you won’t be disappointed.

Although we adore Karndean LVT, this week’s featured product goes to Amtico’s stunning Signature Honed Limestone Natural Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

The subtle, yet captivating stone effect will feel at home in even the most affluent of abodes. Replicated with photorealistic precision, Amtico tiles are indistinguishable from the real thing.

With a 1mm wear layer and patented urethane coating, damages will always find it hard to surface.

Whether you live alone, with a partner, or as part of a family, Amtico Signature will elevate the look and feel of your home without compromising on practicality.

This is the true definition of domestic bliss.



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