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Kahrs Oak Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

Kahrs Oak Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

Kahrs Oak Flooring: Everything You Need to Know



It’s no secret that modern homeowners love solid and engineered wood flooring. In fact, sales of real wood have dominated our online store, making up over 1500 orders since January alone!


Consequently, we take extra care to stock the best species with the most attractive features, giving you unrivalled freedom of choice.


We’re proud to share our customer’s passion for all things wood flooring. That’s why we stock Kahrs products. With Kahrs, you’re guaranteed an excellent flooring solution that boasts durability, low maintenance, and a long lifespan.


Whilst each of their wood flooring products would prove an outstanding addition to your home, Kahr’s exclusive oak collection is a truly standout choice. With decorative grains, deep textures, and authentic warmth featuring heavily on each board, it’s no surprise that we’re so impressed.


Still unsure? Here’s everything you need to know about Kahrs oak flooring.

Kahrs' History

Kahrs started their journey in the heart of Nybro, a small rural town located deep in the Swedish forest. This gave the company access to a wealth of gorgeous oak, situated just next door to their dedicated production plant.


Since their conception in 1857, Kahrs have gone from strength to strength, putting their ethos of sustainability and excellence into the global marketplace. 160 years later, they are one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of engineered wood flooring in the world.


As suppliers of bespoke wood flooring to over 70 countries worldwide, you’re guaranteed to find Kahrs products in homes, offices, and hotels across the globe.


Alongside practicality and appearances, Kahrs promises innovation, pioneering new flooring technologies that have shaped the contemporary marketplace. You’ll always find something worth falling in love with.


Kahrs' Innovation

Timeless. Progressive. Attractive. These are just some of the words that come to mind when you think of Kahrs oak flooring. But in order to become one of Europe’s leading brands, Kahrs have had to adapt and develop.


The results have paved the way for modern flooring solutions.


In 1941, Kahrs were granted a patent for a new kind of real wood flooring. The new design was constructed from a multi-layer core, preventing warping and shrinkages common in traditional hardwood.


Today, this invention is still in place, becoming the foundation of the much-loved engineered board. As the creators of engineered wood, you can rest assured that Kahrs oak flooring is the cream of the crop.


Aside from the remarkable invention of engineered flooring, Kahrs have many other notable achievements. In 1958, Kahrs developed the first factory lacquered floor.


Prior to this, wood flooring had to be finished by hand once installed. This was laborious, costly, and time consuming. With Kahrs’ ingenious step forward, this was no longer the case.


Wood flooring could now be pre-finished, allowing you to enjoy your product quicker than ever.


Finally, Kahrs revolutionised the installation process with their glueless joint system. Introducing the new design in 1999, wood flooring was now quick and easy to install.


No longer did engineered boards need to be fixed directly to a subfloor. Instead, the flooring could be floated, saving time, effort, and materials.

Kahrs' Eco-Responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of every Kahrs operation. They’ve remained dedicated to ensuring low environmental impact since day one.


Still based in their homeland of Nybro, it’s easy to see why the company values eco-responsibility. Kahrs make sure to plant more tress than they harvest, leaving the Swedish forest undisturbed.


Alongside this, raw wood is utilised as efficiently as possible. If wood waste is not being reconstituted to create the multi-layer core, it’s being donated to local energy companies for sustainable use. This fuels over 6150 Swedish homes a year!


Kahrs have been respecting the environment long before it was common practice amongst other businesses. Their solvent free production is eco-friendly, gaining them a variety of awards. This includes FSC certification and EMAS approval.

Featured Product

You may be wondering why Kahrs oak flooring is our favourite of their collection. Whilst their other species are certainly breath-taking, their choice of oak embodies the very passion that has made the company so highly respected.


Bring a piece of Sweden home with Kahrs Domani Collection Oak Suolom Engineered Wood Flooring.


Each indulgent tone boasts equal parts warmth and character, perfect for a rustic home or country retreat. The dark grains are ideal for those who want to experience the true spirit of the Swedish forest.


With a variety of distressed grains on offer, this choice of Kahrs oak flooring replicates the complexities of the natural world with exacting precision. Add to this a 30-year guarantee, and your boards are sure to live as long as the tallest trees in Europe.


Alongside outstanding visual qualities, this product is highly functional, promising swift installation with Kahrs’ patented technology. It couldn’t be more simple.

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