Are you constantly on the lookout for the latest home inspiration, interior trends and out of this world flooring? We are too. And thanks to the help of the Luxury Flooring team, we are rounding up the floors that are currently sitting at the top of our team's wish lists to help inspire your home decisions.

Whether it’s the comeback of chalk-coloured herringbone that we know will turn your home into a Parisian palace, or the classic rustic oak that will make your home feel alive, get ready to feast your eyes on a variety of floors picked by the Luxury Flooring team.

1. David’s favourite – Painswick Champagne Oak

“This has to be the best floor for me. When I dream of the perfect living room, I think about warm colours, honey hues and airy tones, which is why I adore the Painswick Champagne Oak. Herringbone is an all-time classic too. It’s a lot different from our other floors in the Painswick collection, because of the wider board, unique grain and smooth, rustic finish. If you want to make your space look and feel bigger, then it’s definitely the best floor for your home.”

- David, Product Photographer  

Herrinbbone light oak floor Painswick Champagne Oak

2. Jordan’s favourite - Thorpe Roasted Oak Herringbone

“If you’re on the hunt for a rustic floor, then you need the Thorpe Roasted Oak. I don’t think I’ve ever found a floor that smells so good! It’s just like when you open a new book for the first time. Every board is oiled and smoked which gives you that lovely musky smell. I especially love how the knots and grains flow through the herringbone pattern too. You can expect to see this in my house when I get round to decorating it!”

- Jordan, Head of Sales

Dark, rusty coloured herringbone floor Thorpe Roasted Oak Herringbone

3. Harry’s favourite – Elgin Farmhouse Oak

“My favourite floor would probably be EO2020, Elgin Farmhouse. It is a luxury staple product and classic. I much prefer brushed and oiled finished boards as I feel they look and feel more authentic, and I love the variation encapsulated across the planks. Being 190mm wide and 20mm thick they are nice and big so make spaces feel much more open. Over the years I have seen 100s of images of this board installed and each one has looked beautiful.”

- Harry,  Head of Trade 

Elgin Farmhouse Oak, a rustic floor Elgin Farmhouse Oak

4. Carolina’s favourite – Painswick Swift Oak

“Since the launch of our Swift Oak back in 2019, it's been tagged in loads of photos with different interior styles. We have lots of customers on Instagram that tag us in their posts that have the Swift Oak in their home, and I have to say I am pretty jealous of how the warm tones can make any space feel cosy. We wanted to create a floor that will adapt to any interior style as well as being strong and durable for everyday wear and tear. That’s why the Painswick Swift Oak is definitely the best choice!” 

Carolina, Head of Design

Painswick Swift Oak, herringbone floor Painswick Swift Oak

5. Holly’s favourite - Nest Moonlit Wood SPC Vinyl

“I really love the Nest Moonlit Vinyl. I think it's the perfect combination for a modern and classic look. The different blends of ash and white tones match any colour scheme. For me, I prefer vinyl flooring because it's so much easier to clean and if you spill anything, you can easily mop it up. I have the Moonlit Oak in my living room, and it looks amazing! The click-fit joining method made it dead easy to fit too.”

- Holly,  Sales Consultant

Nest Moonlit Wood SPC Vinyl, white vinyl Nest Moonlit Wood SPC Vinyl

Whether you’re transforming your space into a Scandinavian sanctuary or creating a grand entrance to remember in your hallway, we have a floor perfect for every home. We hope the Luxury team have given you some inspiration!

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