When it comes to floor maintenance, cleaning your floor is vital, however not many people know how to clean their floor properly. In order to keep your floor looking brand new, preventing dirt is vital. We would recommend daily dry-cleaning your wood floor, which may entail either vacuuming or brushing. This will remove any dirt that is brought in from the outdoors. Placing doormats inside all external door ways is also advised, therefore any grit can be removed off the bottom of shoes before any scratching or dulling of the flooring can occur.

As well as daily dry cleaning, we would further recommend a weekly clean with a well wrung out mop and cleaning solution. A wood cleaning solution will bring the shine back to your floor and may remove any soft stains that are sat on the top layer of the wood. However be sure to use the correct cleaning solution for your type of flooring otherwise it can cause more harm than good. Furthermore hardly any moisture is needed on the mop, as any standing water can cause expansion or warping of the wood.  It is recommended that any standing water left on floor should be dried up immediately using a dry cloth. If you are unsure about using a mop then specialised cloths can be purchased for flooring, making the job simple and easy

In the case that a stain has occurred then removal can be difficult. It is important that any spills should be dried up immediately before it seeps deeper into the wood. Any stain on the top layer of the wood may be removed with a weak solution of mild detergent. However before removal make sure that the detergent used will not react with the wood as this will only lead to further staining your flooring. If the stain has seeped further into the wood then detergent will not work, but this is not the end of the world. All solid wood flooring and engineered flooring with a wear layer of 2mm or more can be sanded. This may remove the stain but there is no guarantee, it all depends on how far the stain has seeped into the wood.

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