We were delighted to hear from Peter about his flooring transformation. Taking his home from dingy and dated to a sleek and modern new style, this DIY project definitely paid off. Peter is a retired aerospace engineer and while he’s worked with metal during his career, making the decision to renovate his landing and staircase himself meant he soon got to grips with wood for the first time.

Peter and his wife renovated their landing and stairs with our Malham Barley Oak Engineered Wood flooring. They installed these floors themselves as a DIY project using products from our accessories line including our underlay, the fitting kit, and the underlay joint tape. Peter was kind enough to let us interview him about the process and share his experience with you.

Pictures of staircase Before                                  After

Talk us through why you decided to change your floor

I was looking for something more modern, easier to clean and to brighten the place up. I’ve noticed a massive difference and we’re really pleased.

Did you have any knowledge of flooring before jumping into this project?

I had done one very small job before - my mancave! I bought cheap laminate from a DIY store that looked like slate tiles. I wanted to try and see if I could do it myself as we’ve had floors fitted before and I found it straightforward. My wife helped quite a lot.

Had you seen anything you liked anywhere else?

I looked at lots of places online, but I took you up on some samples as well as some other companies, and yours impressed me the most. The thickness of the oak looked like it was quality stuff and worth getting, I thought.

Did you use our Room Visualiser tool?

I had a play with that and found it useful. In my working life (I’m retired now) tools were what I did for a living. Years ago, I was a designer in the civil aircraft market and used similar tools so if I see visualiser tools on a website, I use them. I used another brand’s one for the mancave remodel. I do appreciate not everyone is used to these things, but I am because of my background.

What was your experience with delivery?

The delivery was perfect, it came quite quickly. Obviously Covid was raging at the time, but I have a feeling the delivery guy even helped to get it into hallway- maintaining distance of course!

Would you recommend us to friends and family and if so, why?

Definitely - good experience, good product, good delivery!

I thought the flooring was a good price. I spent quite a bit on tools, but they paid for themselves easily.

I was a little annoyed I couldn’t have anyone in to see it at the time because we were so excited to show people. I ended up showing them the floors on Skype, taking my laptop around the house!

Would you order from us again?

I’m thinking about doing my back bedroom for my granddaughter and I’d definitely think about you again.

Will you keep doing DIY?

I’ve got my back bedroom to do, leftover from when my son was a boy, it was his room. It’s all done out for a teenage boy and she’s 5 so it really should be pink and unicorns. I’m considering laminate flooring again because it’s easy to put down.

Man holding tool


We’re so grateful for the time Peter has taken to answer these questions. We’re sure you’ll agree his renovation looks beautiful, and we’re excited to see what he does next!

Want to follow in Peter's footsteps?

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