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How To Measure Vinyl Feature Strips

How To Measure Vinyl Feature Strips

Feature strips, also known as design strips are used alongside vinyl flooring tiles to create your very own unique vinyl floor. The strips create a decorative grouting effect as they act as a border. You are able to use the feature strips to create a specific pattern or you can replicate the appearance of tiles by adding feature strips along the longest edge or all 4 sides of the vinyl tiles. All our feature strips are manufactured by either Polyflor or Karndean, however they can also be used with different brands of vinyl tiles. Click here to view our feature and design strips.


The quantity of feature strips required can be calculated using a simple 4 step process.

Step 1: Calculate the area of the room

You should have already calculated the square meters of flooring required for your flooring purchase, however if you have not then you will need to measure the length and width of your room. If your room is a perfect square or rectangle then you simply multiple the length and width together to end up with your required square meterage. If your room is a bit more complicated, split the room into rectangular sections that can be individually measured and added together to create the overall square meterage required.

For example:

Length = 4.5 meters

Width = 3 meters

Square meters required – 4.5 X 3 = 13.5 square meters.


Step 2: Calculate the number of packs required

This process is another simple calculation. The pack size can be found in the product specifications grid under the product image on our website. You simply need to divide the overall square meters required by the pack size.

For example:

Required square meters = 13.5 meters

Pack size = 3.34 meter squared

Required packs = 13.5 ÷ 3.34 = 4.04

However, you do not need to worry about this calculation as our owls have it all sorted. All you need to do is enter your required area into the blank box after ‘AREA’ and it will calculate the required quantity of packs, as well as the price this would cost.


Step 3: Calculate tile size

Don’t worry, we also have this calculation sorted for you as all our tile specifications can be found under the product image. The length and the width of any product can be found in the specifications table.


Step 4: Calculate the quantity of strips needed

This is where things can get confusing, therefore we have created a table below that helps you with the calculation. You will need to multiple the quantity of vinyl packs required by the ‘boxes of strips per box of tiles’ column. This figure will change for each individual depending on the size of your tile, so make sure you are using the correct row.

Please note that all calculations do not include wastage and you are only able to purchase full boxes of vinyl tiles and design strips.


Tiles with Feature Strips Along All 4 Sides Calculation

Polyflor (50 strips per box)

Karndean (25 strips per box)

Tile Size (mm) Boxes of strips per box of planks: Tile Size (mm) Boxes of strips per box of planks:
305 x 305 tile 0.48 305 x 305 tile 0.97
457 x 457 tile 0.32 407 x 407 tile 0.71
305 x 610 tile 0.36 305 x 457 tile 0.80
305 x 914 tile 0.32 457 x 457 tile 0.64
457 x 914 tile 0.25 457 x 610 tile 0.56


Planks with Strips Along the Longest Edge Calculation

Polyflor (50 strips per box)

Karndean (25 strips per box)

Tile Size (mm) Boxes of strips per box of planks: Tile Size (mm) Boxes of strips per box of planks:
101 x 914 plank 0.72 76 x 915 plank 1.92
152 x 919 plank 0.48 102 x 915 plank 1.44
152 x 1219 plank 0.48 153 x 915 plank 0.96
184 x 1219 plank 0.40 178 x 1220 plank 0.80
203 x 1219 plank 0.38

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