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How to Achieve a Classic Look with Rustic Oak Flooring

How to Achieve a Classic Look with Rustic Oak Flooring

How to Achieve a Classic Look with Rustic Oak Flooring



With modern life getting busier all the time, it’s no surprise that property owners are seeking to turn their homes into a place of rest and relaxation. Whilst some are looking towards the de-cluttered aesthetic of modern minimalism, others are returning to a simpler, more traditional interior moment.


Whether you picture the pastoral English countryside, or the sublime French alps, the rustic appearance is one that’s never lost its elegance. There is something about it that naturally makes us feel more comfortable, more cosy, and ultimately, more at home. But what’s the easiest way to achieve this classic look?


Rustic oak flooring is without a doubt the place to start. The natural imperfections of the low-grade wood are a perfect foundation for the traditional aesthetic, whilst the timeless complexity of the solid oak species evokes a truly prototypical look and feel.


Want to create this iconic look for yourself? Here’s what you’ll need to look out for:



Dark Hues

Picture a country cottage, a humble homestead, or a luxury log cabin. What does each property have in common? Their predominant use of dark woods.


Many people worry that dark hues can make a home feel cold, especially in the brighter months. But the truth is, dark woods encourage warmth, especially when paired with a rustic grade of oak.


Dark rustic oak flooring has a distinctive ‘old world’ feel, creating a distance between your home and the contemporary landscape. This outstanding combination can take us back centuries, playing on our understanding of Renaissance, Restoration, and Enlightenment architecture.


Authentic Textures

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, texture plays a salient role in adding authenticity to a rustic aesthetic.


Modern manufacturing techniques utilise high precision, making many wood boards smooth to the touch. Whilst this is a great choice for those looking to create a high class, refined, and affluent look, it’s diametrically opposed to the more traditional appearance associated with wood flooring.


Aside from this, the heightened tactile sensations underfoot provide intrigue, and a sense of connection. The boards don’t feel clinical or sterile. Instead, they’re enticing, and intuitively seem like a more natural product.


Worn Feel

Alongside dark hues and authentic textures, rustic oak flooring offers a worn feel that perfectly encapsulates the sensibilities of the traditional homestead. The natural wear not only adds charm and charisma to each board, but also hints towards a visible history that’s rich with knots, cracks, and embellishments.


The rustic aesthetic tells a story. The home feels lived in, rather than impersonal.


With every distressed finish, tumbled edge, and perfectly placed saw cut, your flooring will be completely individualistic, shining underneath your other unique furnishings and bespoke pieces.



Featured Product

At Luxury Flooring and Furnishings, we pride ourselves on our eye for detail. We think that our Chocolate Hand Scraped Lacquered Solid European Oak Wood Flooring is not only stunning, but ideally recreates the classic, rustic aesthetic.


Each highly durable plank has been expertly selected by our trained professionals for its intricate textures and welcoming personality. The single strip plank style works in harmony with the subtle micro bevelled edge to create the prototypical look of traditional wood flooring.


The indulgent, chocolatey tones provide balance to a variety of interior palates, including muted pastels and modern neutrals. This is great news for those who are renovating on a budget!


As a gesture of our faith in this rustic oak flooring, each pack comes with a 25 year warranty, ensuring an unfaltering performance. As a result, you’ll always be able to enjoy the gently sculpted surface without fear of damages spoiling your floor.


A true classic.

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