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Things That Are Damaging Your Wood Floor

Things That Are Damaging Your Wood Floor

Wood floors are a beautiful, life-long investment in your home and the last thing you want to be doing is damaging your wood floor. But it’s not always simple to fix a damaged plank and replacing it can be quite costly, so we can end up obsessing over the care and maintenance of our floors. However, sometimes the solution can reside where you least expect it, so here are a few everyday things that may be damaging your floor but are easily rectified.

Forgetting to Sweep the Floor

Sweeping regularly is very important to maintain a wood floor as it removes debris and layers of dust. If floors are not swept, little bits of dirt can settle of the surface and cause scratching. By sweeping the floor regularly you will get rid of any potential harmful bits and pieces brought in from the bottom of your shoes. Plus, it will keep your floor looking squeaky clean.

Not Using the Right Vacuum Brush

Vacuuming is an alternative to sweeping and eliminates dirt much more efficiently than sweeping. However, not every attachment can do the job and you need to make sure you use a good brush. If you use a hardwired brush attachment, you can cause abrasion and damage the floor. Instead, use just the nozzle for those hard to reach places or a very soft brush end.

Not Removing Stains Immediately

If a spillage occurs you need to remove it straight away. If you let it dry, it will become really hard to remove and it can penetrate the floor causing irreversible staining. To avoid this, remove any spill with a cloth using a blotting method. You can damp the cloth, but be sure it is not too saturated with water as not all floors are water resistant and you can end up worsening the affected area.

Using the Mop

Unlike laminate and engineered floors where mopping is recommended, with a solid wood floor you should be far more cautious. As we mentioned earlier, water is not good for natural wood floors. This is because excess water can cause the floor to swell and warp. If you need to mop your floor, make sure that the mop is only very lightly damp to avoid water damage.

High Heeled Shoes

Generally, we would recommend you take your shoes off when you are indoors since it is a good way to reduce the amount of debris and dust on your floor. Ultimately, the choice is yours, however, high heels are another story. The pressure caused by stiletto shoes can see dents occur on the surface of the planks, especially if walked across frequently. Try instead to leave your shoes by the front door when putting them on or taking them off.

Using the Wrong Cleaner

When purchasing your floor you should check what cleaning products the manufacturer has advised for this specific product. So, before using oil-based cleaners, wax or polishes make sure they are safe for use on your floor.

Following these few everyday changes to your lifestyle can see your wood floor lasting even longer than it would on its own. For more information about caring for your floors, you can read our blog, check out our advice centre or call a member of our team to speak to one of our specialists.

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