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Tips for Keeping Your Floor Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Floor Clean

Thanks to everyday life, it is inevitable that your floor won’t stay looking as though it is fresh out of the box. This can be a bit annoying as the time and money you invest in your new floor will leave you wanting it to look its best all the time. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do in your home to maintain the look of your floor for as long as possible.

Regularly Sweep

A quick way to keep your floor clean is to sweep the floor every day. This only takes five or ten minutes of your times and it is the easiest way to keep the dirt to a minimum. Be careful with the kind of broom you though as, depending of your floor, you may end up up with scratch marks. It’s best to just look for a soft bristle broom as opposed to a hard bristle. This avoid the chance of pressure scratches from occurring on the surface of the planks.

Mop and Vacuum

Using a vacuum is the best way of getting up those annoying bits of dust and debris that sweeping misses. To get the best results, make sure you use the suitable vacuum attachment for the kind of floor you have. You may notice on your vacuum that there are different setting for different types of floors. This alters the suction of the vacuum to best clean that specific floor. Vacuuming your floor about once a week is more than enough to keep it looking fresh and hygienic. Mopping should be done every so often so that the floor is properly cleaned. All that is needed is warm soapy water to maintain the appearance of the floor. Be careful not to over saturate your mop, as excess water on non-waterproof wood floors can cause serious damage. Keep you mop just damp enough to clean but not leave standing water on the planks.

Slippers and Rugs

Avoid wearing outdoor shoes on your floors since this will encourage the spread of first and debris from outside. Instead, wear slippers in your home since these have a softer underside that gives a lighter footfall. Since you only wear these in your home, they will be clean underfoot and not have any gravel or suchlike that could scratch your floor. Rugs are another great protector for your floor. Placing a large area rug under heavy furniture like dining tables or sofas will also stop scratching caused by frequent movement.

Surface Sparkle

If you have a lacquered finished floor, a laminate or a vinyl it is pretty normal for the floor to lose its shine over time. You can avoid this happening with a very old and easy trick. Mix vinegar and water together and use this on a damp, soft sponge to clean the surface. Once this is done, simply wipe over with fresh, clean water to get rid of any vinegar residue. This simple and cheap technique brings back the sparkle and life to your floor.

As you can see, it is very easy to keep your floor clean. By using these extremely cheap and easy tips, your floor will not only be hygienic, but look as good as new too!

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