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What To Do If Your Wood Floor Starts Squeaking

What To Do If Your Wood Floor Starts Squeaking

Wood floors look stunning and offer so many benefits to your home that its hard to find a fault with them. However, wood flooring does have a tendency to start to squeak or creak over time which can become irritating for most homeowners. There are likely a few different reasons as to why your wood flooring has started to squeak. Over time, your flooring settles and may start to cause friction against the nails or other boards underneath. This is what causes the squeaking sound to occur. Luckily, were here to offer you some advice on how to prevent this from happening.

  1. Pin Point The Sounds

When you’ve noticed a squeak, try to find exactly which board/s are causing the sound. Walk over your floor and note or mark with some chalk where the sound is coming from specifically.

2. Talcum Powder

A cheap and easy way of stopping the squeaks from happening is by applying a small amount of talcum powder or even flour to the groove between the planks. This acts as a lubricant to stop to boards from touching. This will help to stop the irritating sound but may only be a short term solution.

3. Pilot Holes

If the noise persists, try instead drilling a pilot hole in to the marked area of the squeaking planks. If the squeak is on a seam, drill the hole on each side of the seam so to avoid fracturing the wood.  Then, replace the pilot drill with a screwdriver piece and drive a 1 3/4 inch galvanised wood screws in to the holes and make sure the nail head is showing on the surface of the planks. Do this for each hole.

3.Wood Putty

Taking some wood putty that is the same shade as your flooring, fill the gaps between the screw head and the floors surface leaving a small mound on the top. Flatten this mound using a credit card or similar item and run it along the putty to level it out. This should leave the putty at the same seamless level as the floor itself. Leave to set for 24 hours and avoid walking on these planks.

These steps should help to stop those annoying squeaks and leave you with your gorgeous, silent flooring once again. If you’re unsure about how to do any of these steps we would always recommend consulting a professional. It’s important not to take on any kind of modification to your wood flooring if you are apprehensive or unskilled as this will cause long-term damage to your floor. To speak more about floor squeaking call our team of specialists today for an in-depth conversation and talk through the processes.

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