Ensuring our wood flooring is sustainable is extremely important to Luxury Flooring, as we like to guarantee ourselves a future with the world best manufacturers. We appreciate that many trees are cut down every year in order to produce our high quality products, however we do have a plan in place to reduce deforestation. We have a policy that ensures our manufacturers plant a new tree for every tree they cut down. This ensures that the natural life cycle of a forest can continue and reduces any risk of deforestation.

All of our manufacturers around the world abide by FSC regulation, which stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. These regulations states that only certain forest areas are allowed to be cut down and any locals should not be affected during any stage of the cutting down process

If you are looking to purchase a sustainable and eco-friendly wood floor then you need to take into account the species of wood. Obviously some oak trees grow quicker than others, however some oak trees can take up to 100 years before they are classed to be fully-grown. Our most sustainable product is Bamboo flooring. Bamboo is technically classed as a grass, however it only takes 3-4 years to fully grow and when it does get cut down the roots stay in the ground, meaning it can replenish without any human intervention.

There is also one massive environmental advantage to installing solid wood flooring in your home or office. During a trees growth cycle they absorb carbon and this carbon continues to be stored even when the floor is installed into your home, ensuring the carbon is not released into the atmosphere. This reduces the chances of global warming as the greenhouse effect is reduced.

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