If you’ve never owned a wood floor before, it can be easy to get confused over all of the new terminology, particularly when it comes to installation methods. Here at Luxury Floorings and Furnishings, we want to make to process as easy as possible for you when you’re a first time buyer. In this week's post we’re going to explain all of the installation methods and what they mean to help you decide which one will suit your project the best.

Tongue and Groove

Used typically for solid wood and engineered floors, this method of installation refers to one side of the board as having a protruding edge (the 'tongue') while the other has a rebated edge (the 'groove'). The tongue and groove slot together, securing the planks into place and creating a smooth floor with no gaps. The tongue and groove method should be installed using either secret nails, screws or glue.


As with the previous method, click floors are typically found with solid and engineered wood flooring collections. The click method has seen a surge in popularity since it was first introduced to the market, with people seeking out this installation method specifically, thanks to its easy to use technique. With a click floor, the planks ‘click’ together and lock into place without the need for additional joining methods such as glue, screws or other similar equipment. Because it’s so simple to install, it will save you on installation time, which will make the whole project quicker.


As with the click method, a floating floor doesn’t need any additional joining methods and can simply be laid in place. This means you don’t need to buy any additional equipment such as glue or nails etc. This will make your floor feel softer underfoot and much more comfortable to walk on. 

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