With climate change looming, it’s never been more important to be environmentally conscious. The ‘throwaway’ mentality of the past has been cast aside in favour of reuse and recycling systems. Plastic bags aren’t automatically given in supermarkets, and recyclable packaging is slowly becoming the norm. But what about your flooring?  

If you’re investing in a new floor, you might wonder what to do with your old one. Thankfully, there are a few options for recycling your old hardwood flooring. Let’s dive in!  

Benefits of recycling old wood flooring

While it may be quick and easy to take the old wood planks to the dump, there are several benefits to recycling your pre-loved floor.  

The most obvious one is preventing unnecessary waste. A recent report from Packaging News has shown that the amount of waste sent to UK landfills is gradually falling. But to combat climate change and prevent further environmental damage, it’s important to reuse or recycle as much as possible.  

Another benefit of recycling your old flooring is that it can help you save money or even make money!  

How to recycle old wood flooring

Recycling your wood flooring isn’t as simple as placing it in your recycling at home. But good news, there are plenty of recycling points that do accept wood products. To find one near you, you can use the Recycle Now website. Keep in mind that most wood flooring is finished with either an oil or a lacquer, so ask your recycling centre if they accept finished wood.  

Can’t find a local recycling point that will take your floor? Don’t panic, there are a few other options for recycling old floorboards.  

Create something new

Upcycling has surged in popularity recently, with Instagram and TikTok teeming with videos of crafty creators transforming tired furniture or worn-out objects into something entirely different.  

If you’re new to DIY, start with something small like a coat rack made from a single old floorboard. Simply screw a few sturdy hooks into the board and secure it to the wall.  

Another beginner-friendly option is to make some coasters with your leftover floorboards. Use a saw to cut the planks into even squares or rectangles, then use waterproof furniture spray paint to give them a fresh new look! These coasters are perfect for use around the house, but they also make great gifts for friends and family.  

Once you’ve built up your skills and confidence, you could try something more challenging, like building a bookshelf or a headboard.   

If you’ve fallen down an upcycling rabbit hole on social media, you’ll have noticed that lots of DIYers are selling their upcycled pieces and making a profit. So, if you don’t fancy making something for yourself with your old floor, why not create something you could sell to someone else? You’ll make some extra cash, and your old flooring won’t go to waste – it’s a win-win! 

Handy hint

Upcycling is also a great way to make the most of any spare packs of flooring you might have after fitting your new floor. Check out some of the creative ways our customers have upcycled their leftovers below!

Credits (left to right): @inter.rhi.design, @oxfordshirecottagereno, @number1housereno

Donate it

If you want to recycle your old flooring but don’t have the time or patience for DIY, donating it is a fantastic alternative. Many charities and community centres will be grateful for a donation of excess flooring and it’s likely they’ll find a use for it, either by using it themselves or by giving it to someone in need.  

A school may also be open to reusing your old wood floor but it’s worth asking before you turn up with a boot full of floorboards! 

Safety precautions for recycling wood flooring

Before you start ripping up your old floor or begin any DIY projects, please make sure you’ve got the right protective equipment handy. We recommend wearing gloves to help you avoid splinters and if you’re sawing or sanding the wood, you’ll need a mask to stop yourself inhaling any sawdust.  

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