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Co-ordinating your furniture to your floor - Part 1: The Kitchen

Co-ordinating your furniture to your floor - Part 1: The Kitchen

If you are refurbishing your house it is vital to make sure your furniture matches your new flooring and vice versa. This may sound like a simple job; however, you would be surprised how many individuals become irritated when the shade of their floor doesn’t co-ordinate with their furniture. However, it is also important to remember that even though we can give you inspiration; decisions like this purely come down to personal preferences.

We are going to start this series of blogs in the kitchen. The current most popular shade for a kitchen floor is a natural oak tone whether it be a real wood, laminate or vinyl product as this shade co-ordinates well with multiple colours. The main accessory that you will need to co-ordinate your kitchen flooring to is the tone of your cupboards and draws as this will take up a large majority of your kitchens finished appearance. If you have wooden cabinets and a real wood floor such as engineered or solid wood flooring, then your job is fairly simple as there are only two shades of cupboards we would suggest.

The first trend is to perfectly co-ordinate your cupboards and flooring by perfectly matching the shade of both products. As real wood floors and wood cabinets are natural products, you are able to sand the outer layer and re-finish the products using an oil or varnish to adjust the final shade. This ensures that the final shade of both products will perfectly co-ordinate with each other and offer a classy finish.

If you are wanting a two-tone kitchen then we would advise either purchasing white cabinets or painting your existing cabinets white. The shade of your cupboards will now contrast against the shade of your floor and allow both elements to be the show piece of your kitchen. Remember that if you are ever wanting to change the tone of the floor, a real wood product can be sanded and refinished to create a completely new shade of kitchen floor.

Another element to consider when furnishing your kitchen is a kitchen table. If you have a fairly large kitchen then have a lot more freedom with this selection as many homes with small kitchens will not have space for a table. In a large kitchen there is a clear winner as a farmhouse wooden kitchen table coordinates beautifully with real wood flooring. Once again, the table can be oiled to match the natural oak tone of the flooring, however we would suggest using a fairly dark oil allowing the table to contrast against the floor. If you are wanting to modernise the kitchen table then adding a dash of white paint to the table legs will allow the quality of the wooden top to stand out. Matching table chairs or benches are also advised and by adding a hint of white to the chair can once again allow the table to become another showpiece.

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