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Solid Wood to Revamp your Living Room

Solid Wood to Revamp your Living Room

If you are looking for ideas to rejuvenate your living room and give to your house added value, a solid wood floor can help you in achieving it. If you are not convinced yet, here we give you some reasons why we think hardwood is what you need to revitalize your living room!

Its Longevity

One of the main reasons that wood floor is so successful is for its long lifespan. This means that if you correctly take care of solid wood floor, this will surely be the last time you need to revamp your living room. Since wood is a natural material it will develop with time and therefore as years pass, colours will become richer. For a successful maintenance of your hardwood you will only need to sand and refinish from time to time.

Wood Floor is Ageless

Some looks come and go, which means you might feel to change the style of your place to keep up with trends. The good thing of hardwood is that it has such a timeless look that you won’t need to change it. So even if you need to change the items of your living room you don’t need to spend a fortune on replacing for a new floor! Hardwood is so versatile that you won’t have trouble matching it with new furniture.

Wood Gives Colour and Texture

Some looks come and go, which means you might feel to change the style of your place to keep up with trends. Wood floor offers you a great deal of shades, which is perfect since it means it gives you lots of freedom when designing your living room. The grain and construction of solid wood also means that it will add texture to the final look which is especially important if you are a fan of styles like country or rustic. You can also choose a variety of oiled, lacquered and waxed finishes which can offer you the perfect look to fit the look of your lounge.

Wood Comes in Different Species

When we talk of wood flooring we talk about a wide range of wood species, so no matter how original is your taste you will find something suitable for sure. If you are of classic taste, oak won’t disappoint you, it comes in many shades and is very popular for being suitable for many looks. Species like walnut are perfect if you are not scared of making a statement and you know what decorating with elegance is. You even have species like bamboo that regenerate quite quickly and therefore are made for you if you are highly environmentally friendly.

As you can see wood floor brings you lots of advantages and can totally change the look of your living room.

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