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2018 Flooring Trends That Are Here To Stay

2018 Flooring Trends That Are Here To Stay



As the year draws to a close, you may feel a little bit uncertain if you’re thinking about redecorating.

Making home improvements is always exciting, but when you’re spending a big chunk of your budget on new flooring, it’s important to get things right first time. If you can’t make heads or tails of what’s going in and out of fashion, things can get especially tricky.

With a renovation project of this size, the last thing you want is to go off trend…

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

2018 has seen a bold new change in flooring trends. With 2019 just around the corner, we investigated which styles, shades, and materials are set to remain in vogue.

Check out our comprehensive list of 2018 flooring trends that are here to stay, and keep ahead of the curve for the new year.

With these top tips, you’re sure to make a choice of flooring that will become the envy of your friends and neighbours:



Eco-Friendly Choices

2018 has seen a huge shift in our awareness surrounding the environment. It has never been more important to make more positive, greener choices with every aspect of our lives…

This includes our choice of flooring!

We’ve noticed a strong trend in the sales of bamboo and engineered wood flooring. Both are an excellent alternative to traditional hardwoods, using far less timber during the manufacturing process.

In fact, bamboo is actually a species of grass, and can grow much faster than hardwood trees!


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

For many years, the most common substitute for solid and engineered wood flooring has been laminate. Though it is a much cheaper option, the quality of laminate flooring isn’t always up to scratch.

That’s where LVT comes in.

Luxury vinyl tiles have rapidly grown in popularity, and it’s easy to see why.

Utilising the latest innovation and technologies available, vinyl tiles can replicate the complex details of real wood and stone, but are more resistant to fluctuations in moisture and humidity.

LVT has never looked more realistic, so it’s no surprise that it’s become a favourable choice amongst homeowners.

Deep Textures

It doesn’t matter whether you choose carpet, LVT, or solid wood flooring, there’s one thing that homeowners in 2018 have wanted more than anything else…

More. Textures.

Instead of looking for flawlessly smooth surfaces, many people have been paying more attention to the sensations under their feet.

Deep fabric, sculpted tiles, and rustic grades have been a ‘go-to’ choice amongst our customers. The additional depth and detail not only feels intriguing to the touch, it also gives the impression of heightened authenticity.

With distressed wood and saxony carpets flying off the shelves, it’s looking like this trend is here to stay for 2019!

Greys and Neutrals

Over the course of recent years, interior palates have begun to incorporate a broader range of neutral shades and colours.

In 2018, grey once again proved itself to be a modern classic.

No longer seen as boring or industrial, greys and neutrals have been cropping up in a variety of rooms, and can be introduced to flooring in a number of ways. Applying a splash of grey paint to hardwood flooring can make for a chic statement, whilst stone coloured carpets can deliver stylish detail.

Without a doubt, the most loved quality of grey and neutral flooring is its versatility.

Whether your interior décor is subtle or bold, light or dark, relaxed or energetic, greys and neutrals are always complimentary.

Parquet Patterns

Affluent. Intricate. Timeless.

Wood flooring doesn’t come as striking as parquet. Classic designs such as Chevron and Versailles parquet became a desirable addition to French chateaus during the 16th century, and have seen countless revivals over the years.

This has been especially true for 2018, with parquet flooring of all species seeing a dramatic rise in demand. Many of our customers are making a beeline for herringbone, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled the next time you’re shopping for new floors.

Having already spanned generations, we can guarantee that this characterful feature will be trending long after 2018 has come to an end.



Whilst 2018 is leaving us with long-lasting interior trends, there are bound to be a few extras joining the party.

We think that this is great! With more options comes more opportunities to stay unique.

Here are three predictions for the future of flooring fashion:

Exotic Woods

Species like oak aren’t going anywhere fast. They promise the prototypical look of hardwood flooring that everyone loves, every time, without fail.

But there’s nothing wrong with breaking from tradition every now and then!

Acacia is an outstanding contender for the 2019 wood flooring championship.

The high contrast grains of Acacia promise the same unbeatable durability of Oak, with a more striking range of colour variations and visual effects. For those who are looking for boundless individuality, this is the ideal choice for you.

Washed Out and Faded

Don’t worry, greys are still set to be trending throughout 2019. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for interpretation when it comes to a neutral colour scheme.

Remember when shabby chic became a hit with homeowners everywhere? It seemed like everyone was getting hands on with DIY and up-cycling.

Well, we’ve got some good news…

This look is still relevant today, and with a touch of finesse and refinement, it could become an iconic statement for 2019.

Wood flooring has impeccable personality when bathed in a gorgeous white stain. This neutral aesthetic can elevate the lightness of any room, opening up a variety of spaces.

Trust in the Classics

There are some things that can’t be disputed: the classics are classic for a reason.

You can guarantee that high-ticket flooring solutions have been created with longevity in mind, so they are guaranteed to remain in style throughout 2019.

Rich solid woods and decorative rugs have been a staple in stately homes and country cottages for generations, and still look incredible today.

Whether you call it vintage, antique, or traditional, this is a piece that surpasses the trends of the time. No matter what kind of home you live in, classic flooring will always be a great choice.



When it comes to flooring, we hope you’re as excited as we are to see what’s trending in 2019.

With some astounding fashion statements making their debut this year, 2018 flooring trends are going to be a tough act to follow. However, we’re confident that 2019 will be just as good, if not better!

If you can’t wait to start making plans for your latest renovation project, we’re here to help.

Here are our top picks for 2019, so you can get straight to work:

Feathered Oak Luxury Vinyl Tiles: £27.59m²

This bespoke choice of LVT will prove stylish and practical for years to come. With a photographic layer that replicates oak in hyper-realistic detail, you can rest assured that this one of the best luxury vinyl tiles on the market.

Experience the classic aesthetic of solid wood flooring with unparalleled versatility. Each tile is stable, waterproof, and easy to maintain.

An outstanding choice for 2019!

Golden Hand Scraped Solid European Oak Wood Flooring: £45.24m²

This solid oak flooring will deliver those beloved textures that everyone has been dying for!

Each board has been given a hand scraped effect, creating variations in the depth of the surface. Every grain will have exceptional personality, making for an authentic look and feel.

Brushed and UV Lacquered Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring: £46.00m²

With this product, you’re killing two birds with one stone. The engineered boards are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional parquet blocks, whilst still providing that iconic European style.

Each board comes with a tongue and groove installation system, allowing for effortless fitting and unrivalled design.

Raincloud Deep Twist Pile Saxony Carpet: £14.39m²

For neutral flooring that still boasts intrigue and character, this is a perfect choice!

With a dense surface pile, fantastic dimensional stability, and versatile colouration, your home will be blazing a trail for 2019 flooring trends. This is not one to be overlooked.



Anything we’ve missed?

Let us know your own hot tips, what you’re looking forward to seeing in 2019, or what other 2018 trends you think will cross over into the new year!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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