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Protecting Your Floor This Christmas

Protecting Your Floor This Christmas

As the big day looms closer and all the finishings touches are being added, those who celebrate the festive season know just how hectic it can be. Of course there are ways in which you can prepare. Peeling and prepping the vegetables on Christmas eve, presents wrapped and labelled weeks in advance etc. But what about your home? Christmas brings joy and laughter, but it can also be havoc if you're hosting, especially for your floor.

So whilst we can't take the pressure off of you completely, we can assist you with a few pointers on how to ensure that the only thing you spoil this Christmas is that "summer body" you've been working so hard on!

Now, nothing screams Christmas like a real tree, from the look to the smell, they're the epitome of a festive home! But these little critters can sometimes pose a bit of a problem when it comes to your interiors. In fact, sometimes you don't realise that even the smallest things can cause the biggest issues. Start off simple by making sure the pot that your tree is in is placed on some kind of mat or piece of carpet, not only can this help to protect your floor, it also adds a little character to the room too.

When it comes to a real tree, you'll know how irritating it is when the needles have fallen off. We're sure that we don't have to remind you how important it is to vacuum regularly, not just to avoid the pain of standing on the needles but to also prevent any stubborn green stains being walked into the floor. Although many people use a broom when cleaning up excess needles, we would always recommend a vacuum. This is because needles can easily get stuck in any bevelled edges or grooves in the flooring, resulting in a Ninja Warrior style floor!

If you're hosting the roast at your house then scraping chairs are going to be inevitable, unless you have some kind of camping bench that is, which in that case, good for you! In order to protect your floors it may be worthwhile investing in some felt pads to place on the legs of your table and chairs, this can prevent any scratches occurring on your floor and will also reduce noise levels too! If this sounds like a bit too much messing around then you could always place your table and chairs on a large rug, this will act as a barrier and protective layer for your floor too.

One of the most obvious methods of protecting your floor when you have visitors is kindly requesting that they remove their shoes upon arrival. However, if this isn't something that you wish to do then you could also put a doormat by your door to encourage visitors to wipe their shoes before they come in. This can remove tiny stones or pieces of grit that get wedged in the creases of your shoes and end up scratching your floor.

Again, we know that we can't take all the stress away from you this Christmas we do hope that our little guide helps you and your floor. In the meantime from all of us here at Luxury Flooring; we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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