Is it time for your annual spring clean? Now we’ve entered a new season, it’s time to create a space inspired by the outdoors, brighter colours and curved décor.

Whether you want to liven up your living room or add a pop of colour into your kitchen, let’s see the top trends that will be making an appearance in homes this spring.

Open plan galore

Open plan living is making its way into more homes this spring. It combines multifunctional space with minimalism and it’s changing the way we use our homes. It allows us to move around freely, while separating areas for eating, working, exercising and relaxing.

We’re seeing more homes with bi-folding doors that extend onto a wooden patio which we love. If you want to take this trend to the next step, consider parquet flooring for a seamless design.

Engineered wood is your go-to floor for open plan living. It’s strong, durable and lasts for decades, so you won’t need to think about replacing it for a while.  But if water is something you’re worried about then consider waterproof wood flooring.

open plan kitchen

Curvaceous decor

Have you noticed that curved furniture is popping up everywhere? From the looks we’ve seen on Pinterest, it’s clear that curvy furniture is making a big appearance this spring. Go bold and bright with round vases, bubble lampshades and colourful ornaments for a feel-good space.

If you’re crazy for the hit TV show Mad Men, then you’ll know that curvy sofas are a must. Chaise longue sofas will look chic against tall oval vases and round carpets. If it's shapes you love, then why not invest in some gorgeous rustic wooden flooring? The swirly grains will fit right in with circular décor.

70s inspired living room corner with cream chair, round vase

Inspired by nature

The great outdoors is making its way into homes this spring, so borrow materials from nature to liven up your space. Consider solid wood flooring, bamboo and woven furniture for an outdoorsy feel. Go for nature-inspired colour palettes that will pick up soft tones of brown in wooden flooring.

Green is the iconic colour trend this spring, so infuse your home with olive, sage and mint tones for a fresh and harmonious surrounding. We all need a home to relax and wind down in, especially after the two years we’ve all had!

If flooring is on your priority list this spring, then invest in some white-washed laminate flooring for a minimal look. Or if you want to embrace your natural side, consider solid wood flooring.

living room filled with plants, glass table

Embrace your maximalist side

Spring 2022 marks the return of bright and beautiful colours.  Make way for bold, vibrant and bright shades like mango, pink, turquoise and mint.

Consider a modern take on country maximalism. Think about pattern clashes and colour blocking with florals and geometric patterns.

Herringbone flooring is perfect for achieving this. The zig-zag like pattern will look flawless against blue walls and big yellow vases. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to maximalist décor, so be as bright and as bold as you want!

colourful living room with leaf photo, pink chair, fireplace and logs

Clash of the textures

Fancy something new? Mix and match different textures! It’s beginning to be an upcoming trend this spring, with a huge emphasis on natural materials and fancy fabrics. If you’re wondering how to achieve this trend, consider mixing hand-scraped flooring and velvet.

The texture of the floor will make your home feel cosy while the velvet will add a luxury touch. Add tasselled rugs, fluffy cushions and woolly throws for the ultimate snug space. If your home isn’t suitable for wooden flooring, consider high gloss laminate flooring. It looks just like the real thing!

Dark room with light grey sofa, cream rug and woven basket

Whether you’re redecorating your home or adding a touch of spring, these trends will definitely add a breath of fresh air into your home. If you have elements of these trends in your home, tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! We can't wait to see those spring-inspired homes!