It’s easy to say why summer is the most popular season. The weather gets warmer, the holiday season starts and festival goers get in the mood to boogie. Summer comes with new trends for yourself and your home. And if you're renovating this summer, it's important to know what floor will give you cool and cosy vibes. 

Changing the flooring in your home is the perfect way to create a whole new look for your home. It can either make or break a room, so you need to get it right. Let's dive in and take a look at different floors for your summer sanctuary. 

Grey Vinyl Floor Tiles 

Grey is a timeless colour with its neutral, sophisticated yet timeless appeal. It complements nearly everything and makes a statement without being too loud. For those of you who enjoy rustic grade wood, then you’re in luck when it comes to grey. Grey Vinyl Floor tiles show natural imperfections of knots and grains that imitate real wood. Choose a lighter shade for a more contemporary look, or, a darker shade for your traditional look. If you want to show off your modern side, grey herringbone is all the rage at the moment. It's a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional and will look timeless in your home.

Walnut Wood

Daring, but fabulous. Presenting, Walnut wood. It has a unique beauty that you don’t find in other wood floorings. Its richness is faultless for those wanting to add a touch of class to their home. Dark walnut is ideal for making your space look bigger and creates the perfect backdrop for a traditionally styled room. Don’t think that a walnut wood floor will make your home look too classical, its clean-cut premise with minimal knots and grains makes for a stunning contemporary feel too. Its advantages are endless!


Walnut wood floor with walnut wood table and chair

Credit: Unsplash


Luxury Vinyl Tiles

It’s no secret that we think LVT is the best thing since sliced bread. Forget the ugly, cheap outdated lino vinyl from the 1970s, it has been revolutionised to create the highly sophisticated Luxury Vinyl Tiles of today. Perhaps the best quality of LVT is how practical and durable it is with virtually no maintenance needed to keep it in mint condition. It's scratch, stained and waterproof resistant that will last you a long time. Its benefits don’t stop there. With so many of us lusting after real wood but being put off by its price tag, LVT is here to save the day. It presents the glory of natural products such as wood and stone and it's impossible to tell them apart. What’s not to like? Once more, LVT’s popularity is growing and it’s emerged as one of the hottest flooring choices right now and we can’t see it going out any time soon.


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