With the winter nights looming and colder days creeping upon us, a warm and cosy home is high on the priority list. Whether it’s in your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen, cosiness and wooden floors just seem to go hand in hand. And if you have a hardwood floor, or you’re looking to splash out on one, you can take things to the next level with these super snug ideas.

Swap your radiators for underfloor heating 

There’s no doubt that underfloor heating makes your home feel a whole lot cosier. It acts as a radiator for your floor that generates enough heat to create a warm and snug environment. Who wouldn’t want to make the grim cold months more bearable with toasty warm feet? Underfloor heating also gives you the freedom to free up some space in your home. There are so many advantages to underfloor heating so, why not get rid of those old chunky radiators and install some new, modern underfloor heating instead? Engineered wood is your best option to lay over underfloor heating. The materials allow warmth to travel upwards without causing damage or warping to the wood.

Dress up your floor with some rugs

There’s nothing worse than stepping onto a cold floor in the morning. And if underfloor heating isn’t an option for you (and you’re not ready for slippers quite yet) then rugs are the answer. While hardwood floors will always look exceptionally beautiful, they might need something added to make them warmer and cosier as any floor can feel quite bare on its own. Before you buy your rug, you need to know what materials are on offer. If your home style is classy, Persian rugs are always a luxurious option. Is your style chic? You'll fall in love with fluffy rugs. Or, if you prefer the industrial look, try bamboo area rugs. Not only do they add some cosiness to your home, but they also separate open-plan areas like your living room and kitchen.

neautral coloured living room, white furnishings, fireplace and rug

Credit: Amanda Ling

Sit back and relax with soft seats 

Comfort is key when it comes to interiors. Soft beanbags and armchairs are a lovely addition to make your home that extra bit cosier. Choose neutral tones of beige and pops of orange for a warm feel. Or if you prefer, opt for mahogany and red for an ultra-luxurious ambience. Velvet armchairs are a great mix of comfort and class. Place in the corner of your living room to create a separate space for you to enjoy activities you love.

Set the mood with lights

To amplify the cosiness of your floor, try different lighting options. Low lighting and subdued tones give off a warm glow that will make you feel instantly relaxed. Floor lamps are a great way to do this. They come in all shapes and sizes and create a nice ambience to your living room or dining area. Stained glass lanterns reflect bursts of colour onto your floor when lit, creating a calm and tranquil space.


thorpe ranch oak in living room, grey sofas, floor lamps and open plan kitchen

Credit: @joshingamells


Finish off your cosy space with curtains 

Picking the perfect pair of curtains can transform your space. You could introduce patterns into your space by choosing curtains with botanical and colourful features that can instantly warm your space.  Or choose rich-coloured velvet curtains for a plush feel.  Top tip: floor-length curtains will elongate your walls – and don’t be afraid to go a couple of inches longer than the floor for a gorgeous puddled look! Then add tiebacks with tassels for an extra homey finishing touch.


orange sofa with wood floorsa, large animal rug with blue buffets

Credit: Unsplash


And when it comes to cosy interiors, curtains don’t just look the part, they play the part too by making sure you don’t lose too much heat through the windows. Check out our previous blog post for other tips on draught-proofing wood floors to make sure your home is fully winter-ready.


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