As we’ve spent a lot of time indoors this year, many people had to turn their homes into offices, gyms and classrooms. But as we get to the last few months of the year, our lifestyles are shifting once again. So, which trends look like they’re here to stay? Let’s find out…

Multi-functioning Rooms

With many of us working from home this year, our spaces have had to work twice as hard as many try to create different zones in the home. Known as the “cloffice”, closets and offices merged into one to create the ultimate space for peace and quiet. Bookshelf room dividers have also made an appearance, making a separate space for you to work and relax. These new trends have only recently been introduced and we think they’re here to stay, especially as hybrid working seems to be on the cards for the future.


wooden desk with black chair, plants, in a white painted room


Sage Green

If you want to add a touch of green to your kitchen, then sage is the best option for you. Calming and organic, its pastel and natural colours will complement brass accessories such as taps, handles and appliances. Go for a neutral colour palette when pairing with sage as it will enhance the colour even more. Celebrity Dakota Johnson was the real reason why sage green became so popular in kitchens this year. Her green colour scheme really made the cabinets pop. No wonder people started jumping on the bandwagon. You can match sage green with grey laminate to really bring out the earthy vibes in your kitchen.


sage green kitchen with silver accessories, fruit and a cup


Portable Furniture

Anyone else guilty of watching endless  Instagram reels of beds folding into dining tables or chairs that pack up inside a box?  No? Just us then… Well, portable furnishings have taken the world by storm this year with multi-functioning tables, chairs, beds and much more. The idea behind this smart furniture is to utilise space and create more storage, perfect for those who are always on the move. Its modern design will give your home a contemporary and minimalistic feel.


plant themed living room with yellow table, television and a rug


Sculptured Furnishings

Shapely furnishings are taking the centre stage this year by creating ambience in neutral spaces. Sculptural sofas have been shown in many celeb homes such as Kim Kardashian and Marc Jacobs, who are known for their range of art décor interiors. No wonder these sculptural seats are still on trend this year. Neutral colour tones match best with this style as it creates a calm and inviting space for you and your guests to relax. Most interiors like these are made from organic fabrics such as canvas, boucle and recycled natural wood. If you want to be more sustainable and eco-friendlier, then sculptured furnishings are for you!


orange seat, copper lamp, art decor table


Natural Materials

People are now moving away from buying furniture with plastics that will only end up in landfills because they want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. As the years go on, biophilic design is being welcomed into more homes than ever before with the new attitude of bringing the outdoors in. As technology improves, we will see new ways of sustainable furniture being made. For instance, scientists have discovered “bioprinting” which is a new, sustainable way of creating furniture made from solid wood. How cool is that?  It’s only the beginning of this trend…


white sofas, black chairs, trees, open windows, biophilic design


Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles have been popular this year having been installed in various homes across the world. The tile pattern is originally from western Asia and has been given an updated and modern look, just in time to kick off next year’s trend. Its colours often include bright blues, oranges and reds. These tiles will look great in your bathroom or kitchen with pastel themed colours such as greys, blues and peaches. These tiles are here to stay throughout this year and next, they keep getting more and more modern!


mosaic tile


Thinking of adopting similar trends to your home? Get inspired and check out our online brochure for fresh ideas.