Parquet flooring was traditionally installed in chateaux’s during the 16th century in France and is making a resurgence into the current flooring market.  The reason parquet flooring has recently become so popular is because of the variety of designs you can create depending on the style you are after. Parquet planks come in fixed lengths, however the difficulty with this style of flooring is that it is incredibly difficult to create the specific designs. It is by far one of the most elegant floors as no other flooring style is able to merge hardwood materials with an artistic design. Usually parquet flooring is installed in larger formal rooms such as a dining room or living area, if parquet is installed in a fairly small space then it can look rather chaotic. If you are thinking about installing this type of floor, then it is important to know what type of design you would like, so here is a brief description of the most popular designs.

Herringbone parquet flooring is the most popular choice of designs as it adds immense amounts of sophistication to a room. The herringbone pattern is used as more than just a flooring design; it can be noticed in many industries from fashion to architecture. Herringbone is a type of fish in which the pattern is named after because of the way the bones are structured along the fish’s spine. The herringbone planks come in rectangles and you lay each block at a 90-degree angle to create a broken zig zag effect.

As well as regular herringbone, you can also create a design of double herringbone. This creates the same pattern, however the planks are doubled up to create a thicker and more distinct pattern.   Some parquet floors can make small rooms appear larger when installed properly, it Is recommended to use a diagonal design if you are wanting a small room to look bigger. Diagonal herringbone is laid with the same design, however instead of being installed parallel with the longest wall, the pattern goes diagonally across your room

Another style of flooring that uses the herringbone pattern is chevron parquet flooring. As mentioned previously herringbone planks are cut into rectangles whereas chevron planks are cut at an angle to create a perfect arrow point when installed. Just like herringbone planks it can also be installed parallel to the wall or diagonally, whatever design you think will best suit your room. Chevron flooring is usually more expensive than Herringbone planks due to the amount of work that goes into cutting them to the exact size. Installation of chevron flooring is usually more expensive to as it is a lot harder to create a perfect point than laying planks at a 90-degree angle. Even though it is more expensive, it is most definitely worth it due to the final product being extremely stable with vast amounts of tradition radiating through boards.

Basket weave pattern can be installed diagonally or parallel to the wall depending on your preferred design for the type of room. Most basket weave patterns will be created just one colour of wood, however if you are looking for something different then integrating different colours of wood can create a unique effect. There are a couple of variations to way the pattern used on a basket weave, so make sure you check them all out with your fitter before installation.

Brick pattern is fairly self-explanatory as the way the planks are installed replicates traditional brickwork. Some say that brick pattern can be simple and boring, however feature strips can be used to create a border and outline the entire room. The brick pattern does integrate different shades of planks beautifully giving your floor a stunning overall appearance with a variety of shades. Brick pattern can be installed using herringbone planks or longer, regular style planks that come in a fixed length.

As previously mentioned, installation of parquet flooring is extremely difficult and time consuming and that is why a faster alternative has been created. Parquet Versailles tiles are now available. Not only are the tiles incredibly easy to install, they come in a variety of designs that cannot be replicated by laying individual planks. The tiles are a lot more expensive than herringbone boards, however you will save large amounts of money on the installation process and the final appearance really will be priceless.

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