Our Tree Planting Journey 

Climate change has never been a hotter topic, and as a business, we’re always looking for new ways to do our bit for the planet.  

Tree planting seemed like an obvious place to begin, and in December 2022, we launched our Plant a Tree Christmas initiative with the help of our partner, Ecologi. We planted a tree for every order placed throughout the month, and by the end of December 2022, the number of trees planted during the project had reached over 1,000.  

In June 2023, we ran a week-long initiative for World Environment Day, planting 549 trees.  

As both projects were a success, we decided to make tree planting a regular thing at Luxury HQ. In April this year, we began planting 1 tree with every flooring order from March 2024 onwards, with the help of our partner, Carma.  

Total Number of Trees Planted

21st March was International Day of Forests, and to celebrate, we planted an additional tree for every flooring order we received on the day, which brought the total number of trees we’ve planted to 2,571. You can see the trees we planted with our partner, Ecologi, here, and what we’ve planted with our partner, Carma, is shown below.  

How Tree Planting Helps the Environment

Reforestation (planting new trees to replace those which have been lost) is one of the best ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and prevent climate change. Climate specialists have recently revealed that there are more areas with room for trees than they originally thought. This means that if enough trees are planted, CO2 in the atmosphere could be reduced by 25% and the risk of climate change may decrease too.  

Other Sustainability Initiatives 

We’re looking forward to planting more trees as the years go on – keep an eye on our tree counter above to stay in the loop!   

We’re also looking into new initiatives to improve our sustainability as a business. Check out our sustainability page for all the latest news.  

Get Social  

Got any ideas for our next initiative? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at sustainability@luxuryflooringandfurnishings.co.uk.  

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